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1.  Abbott, Lemuel A.  PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS AND CIVIL WAR DIARY 1864 (Burlington, 1908).  8vo, 296 pp., front. port., photos.  “Tenth Vermont Infantry” in gilt on front cover.  Condition: good.

2.  Adams, Andrew N.  A HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF FAIR HAVEN, VERMONT (Fair Haven, 1870).  8vo, 516 pp., 2 colored foldout maps.  Condition:  good.

3.  Adams, Phineas.  SERMON, PREACHED . . . IN THOMLINSON, IN THE STATE OF VERMONT, NOVEMBER 6TH, 1788 (Windsor, 1789).  16mo, 39 pp.  McCorison 156.  Condition: disbound pamphlet, good.

4.  (Addison County, Vt.).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF ADDISON COUNTY, VT., FOR 1881-82 (Syracuse, 1882).  8vo, 541 pp., folding map, illus.  Condition: spine relaid; edges rubbed; contents ? map good.

5.  (-----).  H. P. Smith, ed., HISTORY OF ADDISON COUNTY, VERMONT (Syracuse, 1886).  4to, 774 lxii pp., ports.  Condition: spine relaid; contents sound, good.

Boston 1779 Edition of Ethan Allen’s Captivity

6.  Allen, Ethan.  A NARRATIVE OF COLONEL ETHAN ALLEN’S CAPTIVITY (Boston, 1779).  8vo, 40 pp.  Howes A-136.  Very rare.  Condition: fine 19th-century Zaehnsdorf binding; bottom half-inch of title-page clipped, not affecting text; contents good, binding very good.

First Edition of “Ethan Allen’s Bible”

7.  [-----].  REASON THE ONLY ORACLE OF MAN, OR A COMPENDUOUS SYSTEM OF NATURAL RELIGION (Bennington, 1784).  8vo, xii, [23]-477 pp.  McCorison #69.  Rare.  Condition: original full calf, front cover detached but present; contents sound, good.

8.  (-----).  RUSSELL’S AMERICAN ALMANACK, FOR THE YEAR OF OUR REDEMPTION, 1780 (Danvers, [1779]).  16mo, printed wraps, [24] pp.  Includes first part of Ethan Allen’s Captivity, pp. [12-21].  Oval portrait on front cover supposed to be Allen; if so, the only contemporary likeness of him.  Quite rare.  Condition: good.

9.  (Allen, Heman).  NORTHERN SENTINEL EXTRA.  BURLINGTON, FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1821.  LAW INTELLIGENCE ([Burlington, 1821]).  12mo, 12 pp.  With: REMARKS OF MR. ALLEN’S COUNSEL, UPON THE PETITION OF SILAS HATHAWAY, PRAYING FOR A NEW TRIAL ([Burlington, 1822?]).  8vo, 33 11 pp.  With: ALLEN’S EXPOSITION OF THE CONTROVERY SUBSISTING BETWEEN SILAS HATHAWAY AND HIMSELF ([Montpelier, 1822?]).  8vo, 40 pp.  Three titles on Heman Allen’s long-running legal disputes with Silas Hathaway over Ira Allen’s northwestern Vermont land claims.  Condition: the first two disbound; each good.

Four Rare Ira Allen “Olive Branch” Titles

10.  Allen, Ira.  A CONCISE SUMMARY OF THE SECOND VOLUME OF THE OLIVE BRANCH (Philadelphia, [1806]).  8vo, [15] pp.  Howes A-143.  Summary of Allen’s misadventures in England and France 1796-1800, attempting to find support for a ship canal on the Richelieu River and a rebellion in British Canada.  Rare.  Condition: disbound, good.

11.  -----.  ----- (Philadelphia, April 1807).  8vo, 24 pp.  Howes A-143.  Adds 9 pages of text to the 1806 edition.  Rare.  Condition: pamphlet, bound in 19th-century ? leather; good.

12.  -----.  NARRATIVE OF THE TRANSACTION RELATIVE TO THE CAPTURE OF THE AMERICAN SHIP, OLIVE BRANCH ([Philadelphia, 1804]).  8vo, 368 pp.  Howes A-143.  Hurriedly issued “Volume 2” of Allen’s 1798 Olive Branch account, with drop title but no formal title-page.  Rare.  Condition: original boards; some cover wear, front hinge weak; contents sound, good; in custom-made tray-case.

13.  -----.  PARTICULARS OF THE CAPTURE OF THE SHIP OLIVE BRANCH (Philadelphia, 1805).  12mo, 551 (1) pp.  Howes A-143.  “Volume II” on t.p., but complete in itself, as it includes a summary of the 1798 first volume.  Rare.  Condition: fine mid-20th century ? morocco ? marbled boards; contents sound, good.

14.  Allen, Samuel C.  EULOGY OF THE HON. JOHN WHEELOCK, LL.D., LATE PRESIDENT OF DARTMOUTH COLLEGE (Hanover, 1817).  8vo, 19 pp.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

15.  (Almanac, 1789).  THE UNIVERSAL CALENDAR, AND THE NORTH AMERICAN ALMANACK . . . 1789 (Bennington, 1788).  16mo, (24) pp.  McCorison #141, only 3 locations.  Condition: lacks last leaf, pp. 23-24; rest good.

16.  (-----, 1790).  ----- 1790 (Bennington, 1789).  16mo, (24) pp.  McCorison #157, only 3 locations.  Condition: good.

17.  (-----, 1814).  -----, 1814 (Middlebury, [1813]).  24mo, [15]-108 pp.  McCorison #1470.  Condition: original blue printed wraps; very good.

18.  (-----, 1818).  WALTON’S VERMONT REGISTER AND ALMANAC . . . 1818 (Montpelier, [1817)].  16mo, 132 pp.  McCorison #1898.  First in the long-running Walton’s series.  Condition: good.

19.  (-----, 1831).  THE VERMONT ANTI-MASONIC ALMANAC, FOR THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1831 (Woodstock, [1830]).  12mo, 36 pp.  Illustration of secret Masonic ceremony on front cover.  Condition: good.

20.  (America’s Appeal).  AMERICA’S APPEAL TO THE IMPARTIAL WORLD (Hartford, 1775).  8vo, 58 (of 72) pp.  Howes A-214.  “Wherein the Rights of the Americans, as Men, British Subjects, and as Colonists . . . are stated and considered.”  Rare.  Condition: lacks pp. 59-72; disbound; remaining contents fair.

21.  Atkinson, Thomas W.  ORIENTAL AND WESTERN SIBERIA: A NARRATIVE OF SEVEN YEARS’ EXPLORATIONS AND ADVENTURES (Philadelphia, 1860).  8vo, x 483 pp., illus., ads.  “In Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia.”  Condition: good.

22.  Atwill, Thomas H.  THE NEW YORK ? VERMONT COLLECTION OF SACRED HARMONY (Albany, [1804?]).  Oblong, 8vo, 15, 112 pp.  Rare.  Condition: original ? leather ? paper-covered boards; good.

23.  (Auctioneers).  MEMORIAL OF THE AUCTIONEERS OF PHILADELPHIA ([Philadelphia, 1824]).  8vo, 16 pp.  With: MEMORIAL FROM THE AUCTIONEERS, OF THE CITY OF NEW-YORK (n.p., n.d. [1824?]).  8vo, 17 pp.  Both urging Congress not to impose duty on auction sales.  Condition: New York disbound; both good.


25.  (-----, 1835).  CATALOGUE OF BOOKS, STATIONERY, ?C., INCLUDING THE VALUABLE STOCK OF MESSRS. LILLY, WAIT ? CO.—BOSTON . . . TUESDAY, MARCH 17TH, 1835 (Philadelphia, 1835).  8vo, 101 (2) pp.  Condition: good.

26.  (-----, 1859).  CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LATE HON. RUFUS CHOATE (Boston, 1859).  8vo, printed wraps, 158 pp.  Sale of 2,672 lots, October 1859.  Condition: good.

27.  Ballou, Hosea.  A TREATISE ON ATONEMENT (Randolph, 1805).  8vo, xiii, [15]-216 pp.  Condition: full leather; front hinge starting; good.

28.  (Baltimore).  PROCEEDINGS OF SUNDRY CITIZENS OF BALTIMORE . . . IMPROVING INTERCOURSE BETWEEN THAT CITY AND THE WESTERN STATES (Baltimore, 1827).  8vo, 38 pp.  Howes B-84.  Resulted in start of first western railroad, the Baltimore ? Ohio.  Rare.  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; good.

29.  (Bankruptcy Laws).  R. Fields, A PRACTICAL TREATISE UPON THE BANKRUPT LAW OF THE UNITED STATES (Boston, 1800).  8vo, 59 pp.  With:  CONSIDERATIONS ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A UNIFORM SYSTEM OF BANKRUPT LAWS (Washington, 1815).  8vo, 59 pp.  With:  REMARKS ON THE BANKRUPT LAW (New York, 1819).  8vo, 71 pp.  Three titles, three volumes.  Condition: all untrimmed; all good.

30.  [Barnes, Melvin].  REPRINT OF A SHORT BIOGRAPHY OF COLONEL EBENEZER ALLEN (Plattsburgh, 1852).  8vo, printed wraps, 32 pp., errata leaf.  “Also short biographies of Lieutenant Samuel Allen and Dr. Jacob Roebeck.  In addition some reminiscences of Lake Champlain.”  Presentation copy from author, in pencil on front wrap.  Condition: good.

31.  Bartlett, Elisha.  A VINDICATION OF THE CHARACTER AND CONDITION OF THE FEMALES EMPLOYED IN THE LOWELL MILLS (Lowell, 1841).  8vo, 24 pp.  Condition: front cover soiled; some foxing; generally fair to good.

32.  [Battell, Joseph].  THE YANKEE BOY FROM HOME (New York, 1865).  Small 8vo, 318 pp.  With Hall Park McCullough bookplate inside front cover.  Battell’s youthful impressions of Great Britain and the Continent; published anonymously and supposedly suppressed by the young author’s family.  Condition: very good.

1847 Beaumont on Digestion

33.  Beaumont, William.  THE PHYSIOLOGY OF DIGESTION, WITH EXPERIMENTS ON THE GASTRIC JUICE (Burlington, 1847).  8vo, 303 (1) pp., illustrated.  “Second Edition: Corrected by Samuel Beaumont, M.D.”  Condition: good.

Belknap’s 1792-93 New Hampshire

34.  Belknap, Jeremy.  THE HISTORY OF NEW-HAMPSHIRE (Boston, 1792-93).  8vo, 3 vols., 362 cii, 493 (1) ? 480 7 (1) pp.  Howes B-323.  Condition: lacks map; bottom corner pp. 383-84 of Vol. 2 missing a letter or two into bottom 6 lines of text; hinges of orig. boards weak, spines quite worn; untrimmed; some water-staining to covers and a few pages; great majority of contents sound.

35.  Benedict, George G.  ARMY LIFE IN VIRGINIA (Burlington, 1895).  8vo, 194 pp., photos.  “Letters from the Twelfth Vermont Regiments and Personal Experiences of Volunteer Service in the War for the Union, 1862-63.”  Inscribed, “Miss Mary Arthur with love and Xmas greetings from G. G. B.  Dec. 25 ’95.”  Condition: very good.

36.  -----.  THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURGH, AND THE PART TAKEN THEREIN BY VERMONT TROOPS (Burlington, 1867).  8vo, 24 pp., illustrated.  Inscribed on front flyleaf, “Gen. P. T. Washburn with the regards of the Author.”  Condition: good.

37.  -----.  VERMONT IN THE CIVIL WAR (Burlington, 1886-88).  8vo, 2 vols., 620 ? 808 pp., ports., maps and plates.  With John M. Currier bookplate.  Condition: good.

Northernmost Military Action of the Civil War

38.  Benjamin, L. N.  THE ST. ALBANS RAID (Montreal, 1865).  8vo, 480 pp.  Howes B-352.  Detailed account of the October 19, 1864 raid and the Canadian trial that followed.  Condition: printed blue wraps, bottom right corner of back wrap missing; otherwise good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

39.  (Bennington County, Vt.).  Lewis C. Aldrich, ed., HISTORY OF BENNINGTON COUNTY, VT. (Syracuse, 1889). 4to, 584 pp., ports.  Condition: spine relaid; inside front hinge weak; contents sound, good.

40.  (-----).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF BENNINGTON COUNTY, VT., FOR 1880-81 (Syracuse, 1880).  8vo, 502 pp., folding map, plates.  Condition: good.

41.  [Bewick, Thomas].  A HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION OF WATER BIRDS (Weathersfield, Vt., 1815).  16mo, 24 pp., illus.  McCorison #1713.  Condition: good.

42.  [-----].  A HISTORY OF WATER BIRDS (Woodstock, 1818).  48mo, 31 pp., illus.   McCorison #1999-A, only 1 location.  Rare.  Condition: orig. printed wraps worn; otherwise good.

43.  (Bible, 1813).  THE BIBLE (Rutland, [1813]).  Miniature, 286 pp., frontis., illus.  McCorison #1537, only 4 locations.  Condition: covers detached but present; contents sound, good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

44.  (-----, 1813).  THE HOLY BIBLE ABRIDGED: OR THE HISTORY OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT, FOR THE USE OF CHILDREN (Barnard, Vt., 1813).  24mo, 124 pp.  McCorison #1479, only 3 locations.  Condition: disbound; contents sound, good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

1816 Illustrated Vermont Bible

45.  (-----, 1816).  THE HOLY BIBLE (Windsor, 1816).  4to, 964, [4], [28] pp., folding front. map.  With 7 crude engraved plates by Isaac Eddy, 1 by James Hill.  Condition:  map worn at edges; otherwise good.

46.  (-----, 1816).  MINIATURE BIBLE, OR ABSTRACT OF SACRED HISTORY (Brattleboro, 1816).  Miniature, 255 (2) pp., frontis., illus.  McCorison #1825.  Condition: frontis. pasted to inside front cover; contents good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

47.  (Biography—Vermont).  BIOGRAPHICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VERMONT OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY (Boston, 1885).  4to, 422 pp., many ports., a.e.g.  Condition: some cover wear; good.

1891 Birdseye View of Bennington, Vermont

48.  (Birdseye view, 1891).  “Folded Bird’s-Eye View of Bennington, Vt.” ([Bennington, 1891]).  33 x 73.5cm, plus margins.  Reps #4036.  On thin paper, in folding case.  From Lucien R. Burleigh’s 1887 Bennington view, but with 1891 Battle of Bennington centennial celebration sites ? structures added; keyed list of 37 references at bottom; 2 insets lower left.  “For sale only by Charles H. Potter, Bennington, Vt.”  Condition: some separations at fold lines; good.

49.  Boardman, Timothy.  LOG-BOOK OF TIMOTHY BOARDMAN (Albany, 1885).  8vo, 85 (2) pp.  “Kept on board the privateer Oliver Cromwell, during a cruise from New London, Ct., to Charleston, S.C., and return, in 1778.”  Condition: good.

50.  (Booksellers, 1818).  A CATALOGUE OF BOOKS, FOR SALE BY HOWE ? SPALDING . . . NEW-HAVEN, 1ST NOVEMBER, 1818 (New Haven, [1818]).  8vo, printed wraps, 104 (2) pp.  With: A CATALOGUE OF BOOKS . . . COOKE AND HALE . . . HARTFORD, CONN. (Hartford, 1818).  Two titles, two volumes.  8vo, 47 pp.  Condition: Cooke and Hale lacks green paper wraps; otherwise, both good.

51.  (-----, 1819-21).  CATALOGUE OF LAW BOOKS, FOR SALE BY GOULD ? BANKS AT THEIR STORES. . . NEW-YORK, AND STATE-STREET, ALBANY ([New York, 1819]).  8vo, 8 pp.  With: CATALOGUE LAW BOOKS FOR SALE BY M. CAREY AND SONS . . . PHILADELPHIA ([Philadelphia], 1821).  8vo, printed wraps, 72 pp.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: Carey spine worn; both good.

52.  (-----, 1825).  CATALOGUE OF AN EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF BOOKS . . . HARRISON GRAY  . . . BOSTON (Boston, 1825).  8vo, printed wraps, 47 (1) pp.  With: CATALOGUE OF AN EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF BOOKS FOR SALE BY H. C. CAREY ? I. LEA (Philadelphia, 1825).  8vo, 24 16 (12) 20 8 pp.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: both good.

53.  (-----, 1832).  CATALOGUE OF BOOKS ON SALE BY THOMPSON ? ROMANS . . . WASHINGTON CITY (Washington, D.C., 1832).  8vo, 141 pp.  Condition: good.

1819 Boorn Murder Mystery

54.  (Boorn, Stephen, defendant).  TRIAL OF STEPHEN AND JESSE BOORN, FOR THE MURDER OF RUSSELL COLVIN (Rutland, [1819]).  8vo, 32 pp.  McCorison #2094.  Includes “the particulars of the wonderful discovery thereafter, of the said Colvin’s being alive, and his return to Manchester.”  Condition: good.

55.  Bowker, Pierpont F.  THE INDIAN VEGETABLE FAMILY INSTRUCTER[sic] (Boston, 1836).  16mo, 180 pp.  “Containing the names and descriptions of all the most useful herbs and plants that grow in this country, with their medicinal qualities annexed.”  Condition: some wear to original boards; good.


56.  (Broadside, 1813).  “Chronology Delineated to Illustrate the History of Monarchical Revolutions” (Weathersfield, 1813).  Engraving, 96 x 60.5cm.  McCorison # 1490.  Elaborate chronological chart, with unsophisticated scenes of Indians left center, Adam and animals in Garden of Eden lower center; textual “Explanation” at bottom.   Engraved by Isaac Eddy and James Wilson.  Condition: 2 overlapping sheets, never varnished; light waterstain at top; good.

57.  (-----1815).  “Grand Battle of N. Orleans . . . Battle of Plattsburgh, and Victory on Lake Champlain” (Windsor, 1815).  McCorison #1844.  61 x 50.5cm.  Four-column celebratory poem, 33 wood-cut figures from Windsor publisher’s juvenile titles as illustrations.  Condition: encapsulated; good.

58.  (-----).  “Mr. Wright’s Speech in the House of Representatives.  Debate on the Army Bill” (n.p., n.d. [Washington, 1815?]).  53.5 x 32cm.  Four-column text of Robert Wright (Maryland) speech in the U.S. House, denouncing Federalists for opposition to Embargo, War of 1812, appropriations for military; singles out Isaac Tichenor and Martin Chittenden of Vermont as among the worst offenders.  Condition: good.

59.  (-----1840).  “Troy Daily Mail Extra.  Tuesday, Dec. 15, 1840.  Electoral Canvass of the State of New-York, of the Election held in 1840” ([Troy, 1840]).  70 x 53cm.  Seven-column text and tables, votes for presidential electors, by county.  Condition: good.

1853 Troy Carrier’s New Year’s Day Address

60.  (-----1853).  “January lst., 1853.  New Year Address by the Carrier of the Troy Daily Whig” ([Troy, 1852]).  63 x 50.5cm, yellow-green paper, elaborate decorative border.  Three-column poem summing up the news of 1852.  Condition: light soiling; good.

61.  (----- ca.1854).  “Serbre Gustin, Jr., Surgeon Dentist of Chelsea, Vt. would respectfully inform the citizens of [     ] that he  . . . is prepared to perform any operation on the Teeth . . .” (Hanover, n.d. [ca.1854]).  41.5 x 33.5cm.  Decorative border; testimonials at bottom.  Condition: good.

62.  (-----1868).  “Green Mountain Boys Gathering Materials for Paine’s Celebrated Balm of Gilead” ([Windsor], 1868).  50 x 41cm, lithographed illustration at center.  For M. K. Paine, Windsor, Vt., patent-medicine manufacturer.  Condition: framed; very good.

63.  (-----ca. 1870).  “D. L. Kent ? Co. Dealers In and Producers of East Dorset Variegated Marble, East Dorset, Vt.” (n.p., n.d. [ca. 1870]).  56 x 72cm.  Illustrations of 21 designs for “turned marble monuments, urns, etc.”  Attractive display piece.  Two copies.  Condition: one encapsulated; both good.

(End broadsides)

64.  Brown, Samuel R.  VIEWS OF THE CAMPAIGNS OF THE NORTH-WESTERN ARMY, ?C.  (Burlington, 1814).  12mo, 156 pp.  Howes B-866.  McCorison # 1589, only 5 locations.  “Sketches of the Campaigns of Generals Hull and Harrison . . . Naval Conflict on Lake Erie . . . the Lake Coast from Sandusky to Detroit.”  Condition: good.

65.  Bryant, William C.  PICTURESQUE AMERICA; OR, THE LAND WE LIVE IN (New York, 1872).  4to, 2 vols., full decorated brown morocco, 568 ? 576 pp., a.e.g., many illus. ? plates.  Condition: edges rubbed; good.

66.  Buchan, William.  DOMESTIC MEDICINE: OR, A TREATISE ON THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF DISEASES (Fair Haven, 1798).  8vo, xxiv, 476 [19] pp.  McCorison #477. Condition: good.

67.  Buchanan, Robert.  THE CULTURE OF THE GRAPE, AND WINE-MAKING (Cincinnati, 1856).  8vo, 142 pp.  “Fifth edition.”  Condition: good.

68.  Burgh, James.  POLITICAL DISQUISITIONS; OR, AN ENQUIRY INTO PUBLIC ERRORS, DEFECTS, AND ABUSES (Philadelphia, 1775).  8vo, 3 vols., 486 (2), 477 (3) ? 460 (54) pp.  Evans 13851.  “To draw the timely Attention of Government and People to a due Consideration of the Necessity, and the Means, of Reforming those Errors, Defects, and Abuses; of Restoring the Constitution, and Saving the State.”  Condition: fair.

69.  Burnham, Henry.  BRATTLEBORO, WINDHAM COUNTY, VERMONT.  EARLY HISTORY, WITH BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF SOME OF ITS CITIZENS (Brattleboro, 1880).  8vo, 191 pp., ports.  “Edited by Abby Maria Hemenway, of the Vermont Historical Gazetteer.”  Condition: untrimmed; good.

70.  Burt, Henry M.  THE ATTRACTIONS OF BRATTLEBORO (Brattleboro, 1866).  12mo, printed wraps, 108 pp., frontis., illus., ads.  Presentation copy from author, front wrap.  Condition: good.

71.  -----.  BURT’S ILLUSTRATED GUIDE OF THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY (Northampton, 1867).  8vo, 281 pp., folding maps, illus., ads.  Condition: very good.

72.  [Butler, Franklin].  JOHN WARD, OR THE VICTIMIZED ASSASSIN (Windsor, [1869]).  12mo, printed wraps, 138 pp., frontis. port.  “A narrative of facts connected with the crime . . . trial . . . and execution of the Williston Murderer.”  Condition: tape residue on wraps; good.

73.  Cabot, Mary R.  ANNALS OF BRATTLEBORO 1681-1895 (Brattleboro, 1921).  4to, 2 vols., 1,104 total pp., front. map, ports., illus.  Condition:  good to very good.

74.  (Caledonia ? Essex Counties, Vt.).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER OF CALEDONIA AND ESSEX COUNTIES, VT.  1764-1887 (Syracuse, 1887).  8vo, 492 298 pp., folding maps, ports.  Condition: 4” split top of backstrip; contents sound, good.

75.  (Canals, 1812).  REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS . . . NEW-YORK . . . IMPROVEMENT OF THE INTERNAL NAVIGATION OF THE STATE (Albany, 1812).  8vo, 40 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

76.  Canfield, Thomas H.  LIFE OF THOMAS HAWLEY CANFIELD (Burlington, 1889).  4to, 48 pp., front. port., a.e.g.  Howes C-113.  Presentation copy, April 1940, to Harold G. Rugg from Marion Canfield Hadlock, daughter of the Vermont steamboat and Northern Pacific Railroad magnate.  Condition: very good.

77.  (Capon Springs, Virginia).  THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CAPON SPRINGS, VIRGINIA, WILL SOON BE OPENED (n.p., n.d. [1857]).  8vo, printed wraps, 8 pp., illus. of hotel on front wrap.  Ms. corrections to printed 1857 information, changing it to 1858; one-cent stamp and address on back wrap, sent through the mail.  Condition: good.

78.  (Carawan, George W., defendant).  TRIAL OF REV. GEO. CARAWAN, BAPTIST PREACHER, FOR THE MURDER OF CLEMENT H. LASSITER, SCHOOLMASTER . . . BEAUFORT COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA (New York, 1854).  8vo, printed wraps, 123 pp., frontis., illus., map.  Condition: back wrap detached, present; good.

79.  [Carey, Mathew].  COMMON SENSE ADDRESSES, TO THE CITIZENS OF THE SOUTHERN STATES (Philadelphia, 1829).  8vo, xii 42 pp.  “Third Edition, Enlarged and Improved.”  Condition: disbound; good.

80.  -----.  THE OLIVE BRANCH: OR, FAULTS ON BOTH SIDES (Middlebury, 1816).  12mo, [6], [7]-468 pp.  McCorison #1831.  “Charles Dana, Woodstock, Vt.,” on front flyleaf.  Condition: good.

81.  [-----].  FIFTY-ONE SUBSTANTIAL REASONS AGAINST ANY MODIFICATION WHATEVER OF THE EXISTING TARIFF (Philadelphia, 1824).  8vo, 12 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

82.  -----.  A SHORT ACCOUNT OF THE MALIGNANT FEVER, LATELY PREVALENT IN PHILADELPHIA (Philadelphia, 1793).  8vo, 112 (8) 16 pp.  “Third Edition, Improved.”  Condition: disbound; irregularly trimmed top ? bottom, pp. 1-96 shorter than the rest; trimmed into bottom line of text pp. 43-56; should be seen.

83.  [-----].  A WARNING VOICE TO THE COTTON AND TOBACCO PLANTER, FARMERS, AND MERCHANTS OF THE UNITED STATES (Philadelphia, 1824).  8vo, xx 76 pp.  Condition: disbound; light water-spotting; good.

84.  Carpenter, F. C.  SIX MONTHS AT THE WHITE HOUSE WITH ABRAHAM LINCOLN (New York, 1866).  12mo, 359 pp., ads.  “The Story of a Picture,” by artist who painted Lincoln’s portrait.  Condition: good.

85.  Carpenter, George N.  HISTORY OF THE EIGHTH REGIMENT VERMONT VOLUNTEERS.  1861—1865 (Boston, 1886).  8vo, x (1) 335 pp., front. port., illus., ports.  Condition:  very good.

86.  Carrigan, E. C.  JOHN P. PHAIR: A COMPLETE HISTORY OF VERMONT’S CELEBRATED MURDER CASE (Boston, 1879).  8vo, printed wraps, 120 pp.  “For the murder of Ann. E. Fresse, at Rutland.”  Condition: good.

87.  [Cary, Thomas G.].  LETTER TO A LADY IN FRANCE ON THE SUPPOSED FAILURE OF A NATIONAL BANK (Boston, 1843).  8vo, printed wraps, 56 pp.  Presentation copy from the author, front wrap.  Condition: good.

88.  (Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Co.).  FIFTH GENERAL REPORT . . . CHESAPEAKE AND DELAWARE CANAL COMPANY (n.p., 1824).  8vo, 12 pp., folding front. map.  With:  SIXTH GENERAL REPORT (n.p., 1825).  8vo, 12 pp., folding front. map.  Two volumes.  Condition: both disbound; some water-spotting to both; fair.

89.  Chipman, Daniel.  AN ESSAY ON THE LAW OF CONTRACTS (Middlebury, 1822).  8vo, full orig. calf, 224 pp.  Condition: good.

90.  -----.  THE LIFE OF HON. NATHANIEL CHIPMAN, LL.D. (Boston, 1846).  8vo, 402 pp.  Inscribed by Vermont Congressman Frederick E. Woodbridge to J. D. Smith, top of title-page.  John Spargo bookplate inside front cover.  Condition:  good.

91.  -----.  A MEMOIR OF THOMAS CHITTENDEN (Middlebury, 1849).  12mo, 222 pp.  First biography of Vermont’s first governor.  Inscribed by Governor/Congressman and Vermont historian Hiland Hall to noted New York antiquarian Henry B. Dawson, front flyleaf.  Condition:  good.

92.  Chipman, Nathaniel.  PRINCIPLES OF GOVERNMENT; A TREATISE ON FREE INSTITUTIONS (Burlington, 1833).  8vo, 330 pp.  Howes C-389.  Condition: back hinge weak, lacks back flyleaf; contents sound, good.

93.  -----.  REPORTS AND DISSERTATIONS, IN TWO PARTS (Rutland, 1793).  16mo, 296 pp.  McCorison #256.  Reports on Vermont Supreme Court cases, dissertations on English common law.  Condition:  both covers detached, present; contents sound, good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

94.  -----.  SKETCHES OF THE PRINCIPLES OF GOVERNMENT (Rutland, 1793).  16mo, 292 pp.  McCorison #257.  Howes C-389.  Seneca Haselton bookplate inside front cover.  Condition:  late 19th-cent. full calf; good.

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Clark 1809 on Wilkinson and the Burr Conspiracy

98.  Clark, Daniel.  PROOFS OF THE CORRUPTION OF GEN. JAMES WILKINSON, AND OF HIS CONNEXION WITH AARON BURR (Philadelphia, 1809).  8vo, orig. boards, 150 199 pp.  Howes C-431.  Quite rare.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

99.  Clay, Henry.  SPEECH . . . IN DEFENCE OF THE AMERICAN SYSTEM, AGAINST THE BRITISH COLONIAL SYSTEM (Washington, 1832).  8vo, 43 pp.  “February 2d, 3d, and 6th, 1832.”  Condition: disbound; top corner pp. 25-28 chewed, a few letters into top 6 lines of text; otherwise sound.

100.  Cobb, David A.  VERMONT MAPS PRIOR TO 1900: AN ANNOTATED CARTOBIBLIOGRAPHY (Montpelier, 1971).  8vo, printed wraps, xii 169-317 (3) pp., 7 maps.  The essential guide to early Vermont maps, published as a double issue of Vermont History.  Condition: bound in green cloth; very good.

101.  Colburn, Zerah.  A MEMOIR OF ZERAH COLBURN, WRITTEN BY HIMSELF (Springfield, 1833).  12mo, 104 pp., frontis. port.  Gilman p. 59.  Autobiography of the remarkable Vermont mathematical prodigy.  Condition: portrait waterstained along lower edge; good.

102.  Coleridge, Samuel T.  AIDS TO REFLECTION, IN THE FORMATION OF A MANLY CHARACTER (Burlington, 1829).  8vo, 399 pp., modern tan buckram with original spine label.  Edited and with an essay by James Marsh, president of the University of Vermont; highly influential volume in popularization of transcendentalism in the United States.  Condition: good.

103.  Columbus, Christopher.  PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF THE FIRST VOYAGE OF COLUMBUS TO AMERICA (Boston, 1827).  8vo, orig. boards, 303 pp.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

104.  [Connecticut.  General Assembly, 1775].  AT A GENERAL ASSEMBLY . . . MAY . . . 1775.  AN ACT FOR REGULATING AND ORDERING THE TROOPS . . . FOR THE DEFENCE OF THIS COLONY (n.p., n.d. [1775]).  12mo, 19 pp., running title only.  Patriotic prologue pp. 1-5, criticizing British encroachments on liberty 1764-75, so Connecticut must raise troops for defense.  Condition: disbound; good.

105.  (Connecticut River, 1825).  JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE CONVENTION HOLDEN AT WINDSOR, VERMONT, FEBRUARY 16, 1825 (Windsor, [1825]).  Two copies.  8vo, 12 pp.  “To effect an improved navigation on Connecticut River.”  Condition: one disbound; both untrimmed; both good.

106.  (-----, 1825).  TWO REPORTS . . . ASSOCIATION FOR IMPROVING THE NAVIGATION OF CONNECTICUT RIVER, ABOVE HARTFORD (Hartford, 1825).  8vo, 22 pp.  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; good.

107.  (-----, 1826).  LETTER FROM THE SECRETARY OF WAR, TRANSMITTING A SURVEY OF CONNECTICUT RIVER, FROM BARNET, IN VERMONT, TO LAKE CONNECTICUT (Washington, 1826).  8vo, 65 pp.  “Also, a canal route from Memphrymagog to Connecticut River.”  Condition: untrimmed; good.

108.  (Connecticut River Company).  REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT AND DIRECTORS OF THE CONNECTICUT RIVER COMPANY (Hartford, 1826).  8vo, printed wraps, 54 pp.  Suggests locks on river to Barnet, canal from Barnet to Lake Memphremagog.  Condition:  wraps worn; good.

1779 British Thoughts on Peace With America

109.  (Considerations).  CONSIDERATIONS ON THE MODE AND TERMS OF A TREATY OF PEACE WITH AMERICA (Hartford, 1779).  8vo, 23 pp.  Howes C-706.  Rare.  Condition: disbound; good.

James Kent’s Copy, With His Signature And Notes

110.  (Constitutions).  THE CONSTITUTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES (Philadelphia, 1791).  12mo, 176 pp.  With 1793 signature of eminent jurist James Kent top of t.p., his ms. notes inside.  “This edition containing the constitution of Vermont [pp. 142-58], not in any former one.”  Condition: hinges weak; otherwise sound, good.

Biography of Noted African-American Minister

111.  Cooley, Timothy M.  SKETCHES OF THE LIFE AND CHARACTER OF REV. LEMUEL HAYNES (New York, 1839).  12mo, 348 pp., front. port.  Condition: good.

112.  Cooper, Jane.  LETTERS WRITTEN BY JANE COOPER: TO WHICH IS PREFIXED, SOME ACCOUNT OF HER LIFE AND DEATH (Barnard, Vt., 1812).  16mo, iv, [5]-44 pp.  McCorison #1378, only 4 locations.  Condition:  bound in 19th-century 2/3 blue morocco; corners of t.p. expertly repaired; contents sound, good.

113.  Coulter, Mayre B.  VERMONT OBSOLETE NOTES AND SCRIP (Iola, WI, [1972]).  4to, 151 pp., photos.  The essential guide to Vermont banknotes.  Condition:  very good.

Five Davy Crockett Almanacs

114.  (Crockett, Davy).  DAVY CROCKETT’S ALMANACK, OF WILD SPORTS IN THE WEST, AND LIFE IN THE BACKWOODS . . . 1836 (Nashville, [1835]).  8vo, (46) pp., illus.  With: THE CROCKETT ALMANAC 1840 (Nashville, [1839]).  8vo, -- pp., illus.  Two issues.  Condition: both untrimmed; 1836 last leaf missing bottom fifth; 1840 lacks pp. 3-6; rest sound.

115.  (-----).  CROCKETT’S YALLER FLOWER ALMANAC, FOR ’36 ([New York, 1835]).  8vo, 36 pp., illus.  Condition: untrimmed; last leaf creased/torn, complete; good.

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117.  (-----).  CROCKETT ALMANAC IMPROVED 1842 (Boston, [1841]).  8vo, (36) pp., illus.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

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119.  (Cunningham, Waddel, defendant).  THE REPORT OF AN ACTION OF ASSAULT, BATTERY AND WOUNDING . . . NEW-YORK . . . OCTOBER 1764, BETWEEN THOMAS FORSEY, PLAINTIFF, AND WADDEL CUNNINGHAM, DEFENDANT (New York, 1764).  8vo, 68 pp.  Condition: disbound; light water-spotting; fair to good.

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122.  Dana, Henry S.  HISTORY OF WOODSTOCK, VERMONT (Boston, 1889).  8vo, 641 pp., many ports. ? plates.  First edition.  One of the best 19th-century Vermont town histories.  Condition: edge of back cover bumped; otherwise good.

123.  (Dartmouth College, 1807).  OBSERVATIONS ON FACTS, VINDICATING THE RIGHT OF DARTMOUTH COLLEGE . . . TO THE GRANT MADE BY THE LEGISLATURE OF VERMONT IN JUNE 1785 ([Windsor, 1807]).  8vo, 16 pp.  McCorison #912.  Running title only.  Asserts Dartmouth’s right to land grants made by State of Vermont in 1785.  Condition: untrimmed; top right corner of first leaf missing, not approaching text; good.

124.  (-----, 1815).  A CANDID, ANALYTICAL REVIEW OF THE SKETCHES OF THE HISTORY OF DARTMOUTH COLLEGE (n.p., n.d. [1815]).  8vo, 32 pp.  With: SKETCHES OF THE HISTORY OF DARTMOUTH COLLEGE (n.p., n.d. [1815]).  8vo, 32 pp.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: both untrimmed; both good.

125.  Davis, Gilbert A.  CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION, TOGETHER WITH AN HISTORICAL SKETCH OF READING, WINDSOR COUNTY, VERMONT (Bellows Falls, 1874).  8vo, 169 pp.  With: HISTORY OF READING, WINDSOR COUNTY, VERMONT ([Windsor, 1903]).  8vo, 375 (12) pp., ports.  “Volume II.”  The 2-volume set, published 29 years apart.  Condition: both good.

126.  [Davison, Gideon M.].  THE FASHIONABLE TOUR: OR, A TRIP TO THE SPRINGS, NIAGARA, QUEBECK, AND BOSTON, IN THE SUMMER OF 1821 (Saratoga Springs, 1822).  24mo, orig. boards, 165 p,p. First edition.  Howes D-143.  Condition: some foxing; good.

1808 Black Snake Murder Trial

127.  (Dean, Cyrus, defendant).  THE TRIAL OF CYRUS B. DEAN, FOR THE MURDER OF JONATHAN ORMSBY AND ASA MARSH (Burlington, 1808).  8vo, 48 pp.  McCorison #983.  A member of the crew of the Black Snake, engaged in smuggling on Lake Champlain, Dean was convicted and hanged in Burlington.  Condition: disbound; good.

128.  Dean, James.  AN ALPHABETICAL ATLAS, OR, GAZETTEER OF VERMONT (Montpelier, 1808).  8vo, 43 pp.  McCorison #984.  Howes D-167.  Inscribed “A present from James Dean, A.M.” on errata leaf.  Condition: good.

129.  Denham, Dixon ? Clapperton, Hugh.  NARRATIVE OF TRAVELS AND DISCOVERIES IN NORTHERN AND CENTRAL AFRICA, IN THE YEARS 1822, 1823, AND 1824 (Boston, 1826).  4to, orig. boards, 255 104 112 pp., folding front. map.  Condition: untrimmed; some hinge wear; contents sound, good.

130.  Denman, Thomas.  AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PRACTICE OF MIDWIFERY (Brattleboro, 1807).  8vo, xxxii 441 [14] pp.  McCorison #914.  Condition: good.

Dickens’ Last Novel, “Completed” in Vermont

131.  Dickens, Charles.  THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD.  COMPLETE (Brattleboro, 1873).  8vo, xvi 488 pp.  Page 218-488 are by Thomas P. James, a tramp printer working in Brattleboro who claimed that Dickens’ ghost visited him each night to complete the great author’s last novel.  Condition:  very good.

Dickinson 1774 Essay and 1779 Letters

132.  [Dickinson, John].  AN ESSAY ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL POWER OF GREAT-BRITAIN OVER THE COLONIES IN AMERICA (Philadelphia, 1774).  12mo, vii 127 (1) pp.  Howes D-326.  First edition.  Condition: disbound; good.

133.  [-----].  LETTERS FROM A FARMER IN PENNSYLVANIA, TO THE INHABITANTS OF THE BRITISH COLONIES (Philadelphia, 1779).  8vo, (2) 104 pp.  Howes D-329.  Third edition.  Condition: disbound; good.

134.  (Dresden Party).  RESOLVES OF A CONVENTION HELD ON THE NEW-HAMPSHIRE GRANTS . . . AT CORNISH, DEC. 9TH, 1778 (no place, no date).  16mo, 4 pp.  Deceptive reprint (ca. 1900) of the very rare 1779 original, second part of McCorison #21.  On old paper, but with slightly different type face and emblems than original.  Condition: in ? leather and marbled boards; very good.

135.  Dutton, Salmon.   THOUGHTS ON GOD, RELATIVE TO HIS MORAL CHARACTER (Weathersfield, Vt., 1814).  12mo, 102 pp.  McCorison #1599, only 4 locations.  Condition: lacks back flyleaf; good.

136.  Dutton, Timothy.  A CHRISTMAS HYMN (Brattleboro, 1811).  16mo, 22 pp.  McCorison #1279, only 1 location.  Condition:  good.

137.  Eastman, Francis S.  A HISTORY OF VERMONT, FROM ITS FIRST SETTLEMENT TO THE PRESENT TIME (Brattleboro, 1828).  16mo, [v] 110 pp.  Gilman p. 80.  “For the use of schools,” the first Vermont history textbook.  Condition: new spine; contents sound, good.

138.  Eldridge, Lemuel B.  THE TORRENT: OR AN ACCOUNT OF A DELUGE . . . NEW-HAVEN RIVER . . . JULY 26TH, 1830 (Middlebury, 1831).  16mo, vi 61 pp.  Gilman p. 86.  Flood killed 14 people, including author’s son.  Condition: foxed; good.

139.  Emerson, Lucy.  THE NEW-ENGLAND COOKERY, OR THE ART OF DRESSING ALL KINDS OF FLESH, FISH, AND VEGETABLES (Montpelier, 1808).  16mo, 81 [3] pp.  McCorison #988.  “Particularly adapted to this part of our Country,” adapted from Amelia Simmons’ American Cookery.  Condition: lower corners of orig. boards worn; good.

140.  (Erie Canal).  REMARKS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CONTEMPLATED GRAND CANAL, BETWEEN LAKE ERIE AND THE HUDSON RIVER (n.p., 1812).  8vo, 31 pp.  By “Atticus.”  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; good.

141.  (Farmer, Daniel Davis, defendant).  TRIAL OF DANIEL DAVIS FARMER, FOR THE MURDER OF THE WIDOW ANNA AYER, AT GOFFSTOWN (Concord, 1821).  8vo, 72 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

142.  Fessenden, Thomas G.  THE AMERICAN CLERK’S COMPANION, AND ATTORNEY’S PROMPTER (Brattleboro, 1815).  16mo, full orig. blind-tooled calf, 377 pp.  McCorison # 1734.  Presentation copy from author, front flyleaf.  Condition: good.

143.  (Field, Roswell M., defendant).  TRIAL FOR LIBEL.  SUSANNA TORREY, PLAINTIFF.  R. M. FIELD, DEFENDANT ([Woodstock? 1836?]).  8vo, 38 pp.  The “libel” was an accusation of adultery; Windsor County, Vt., judgment for $1 to plaintiff, who had sought $10,000.  Condition: disbound; good.

144.  (Firefighting).  EXERCISES ATTENDING THE TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF ETHAN ALLEN ENGINE COMPANY NUMBER 4, BURLINGTON, VERMONT (Burlington, 1882).  8vo, 85 (1) pp.  “Including historical address by Hon. George H. Bigelow.”  With: Charles Def. Bancroft, comp., HISTORY OF CAPITOL ENGINE COMPANY, NO. 5 (Montpelier, 1886).  16mo,77 pp., frontis. of Capitol No. 5 hand-pumper.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition:  both good.

145.  Flagg, Josiah F.  THE FAMILY DENTIST (Boston, 1822).  16mo, orig. boards, vii 82 pp., front. plate.  “Containing a brief description of the structure, formation, diseases, and treatment of the human teeth.”  Condition: front hinge weak; otherwise good.

146.  (Flax).  DIRECTIONS FOR PLOUGHING, HARROWING . . . AND FULL MANAGEMENT OF WHITE FLAX (Hartford, 1781).  12mo, 8 pp.  Bristol B-5273.  Shipton ? Mooney 43970.  Condition: untrimmed; top 2/3 of all leaves stained; otherwise sound, good.

147.  Fontaine, Felix G.  TRIAL OF THE HON. DANIEL E. SICKLES FOR SHOOTING PHILIP BARTON KEY (New York, [1859]).  8vo, 106 pp., port. of Sickles on front cover, plates.  In this celebrated case, Sickles was acquitted for killing the son of Francis Scott Key, for “temporary mental aberration.”  Condition: untrimmed; good.

148.  (Franklin ? Grand Isle Counties, Vt.).  Lewis C. Aldrich, ed., HISTORY OF FRANKLIN AND GRAND ISLE COUNTIES, VERMONT (Syracuse, 1891).  4to, 821 pp., ports.  Condition: some spotting to covers; good.

149.  (-----).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF FRANKLIN AND GRAND ISLE COUNTIES, VT., FOR 1882-83 (Syracuse, 1883).  8vo, 612 pp., folding map.  Condition: ?” chip out of top of backstrip; good.

150.  (Fulton, Robert).  THE OPINION OF THE JUDGES OF THE SUPREME COURT . . . IN THE CAUSE OF ROBERT R. LIVINGSTON AND ROBERT FULTON, VS. JAMES VAN INGEN, AND TWENTY OTHERS (Albany, 1812).  12 23 (1) pp.  “Opinion of Justice Kent” the second part.  With: THE RIGHT OF A STATE TO GRANT EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGES, IN . . . CANALS, NAVIGABLE WATERS, ETC. (New York, 1811).  12mo, 44 9 pp.  Two copies.  Two titles, three volumes.  Condition: all disbound; ink-stain top of Opinion t.p.; otherwise all good.

151.  Gallup, Joseph A.  SKETCHES OF EPIDEMIC DISEASES IN THE STATE OF VERMONT (Boston, 1815).  8vo, 419 pp.  Gilman p. 100.  Condition:  good.

152.  Gilman, Marcus D.  THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF VERMONT (Burlington, 1897).  4to, 349 pp.  Essential guide to early Vermontiana.  Condition:  very good.

153.  [Gilpin, Henry D.].  A NORTHERN TOUR: BEING A GUIDE TO SARATOGA, LAKE GEORGE, NIAGARA, CANADA, BOSTON, ?C ?C.  (Philadelphia, 1825).  24mo,  (8) 279 pp., folding colored map.  Howes G-189.  Condition: spine relaid; good.

1818 Vermont Murder Trial

154.  (Godfrey, Samuel, defendant).  A SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF SAMUEL GODFREY . . . ABSTRACT OF HIS TRIAL, ON AN INDICTMENT FOR THE MURDER OF SAMUEL HEWLET (Hanover, 1818).  8vo, 35 pp.  McCorison #2017, only 2 locations.  Godfrey was convicted and hanged at Woodstock for the 1814 murder of Hewlet, warden of the Vermont State Prison.  Condition:  good.

155.  Goodhue, Josiah F.  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF SHOREHAM, VERMONT (Middlebury, 1861).  8vo, 198 pp., illus. ? ports.  Howes G-239.  Condition:  edges rubbed; otherwise good.

156.  Goodrich, John E., comp.  THE STATE OF VERMONT: ROLLS OF THE SOLDIERS IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR 1775 TO 1783 (Rutland, 1904).  8vo, 927 pp.  Condition:  good.

157.  Graham, John A.  A DESCRIPTIVE SKETCHE OF THE PRESENT STATE OF VERMONT (London, 1797).  8vo, 186 (1) pp., front. port.  Howes G-288.  Valuable description of Vermont in the 1790s.  Condition:  front cover detached, present; contents sound, good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

158.  (Great Britain.  Parliament).  AN ABSTRACT OF THE MOST MATERIAL PASSAGES . . . ON A MOTION FOR AN ADDRESS TO HIS MAJESTY, TO SUSPEND HOSTILITIES AGAINST THE AMERICANS (New York, 1776).  8vo, 32 pp.  Evans 14780.  Condition: disbound; last leaf worn, otherwise good.

159.  (-----Statutes).  A COLLECTION OF THE STATUTES NOW IN FORCE, RELATING TO THE STAMP-DUTIES (London, 1723).  8vo, orig. full calf, 2 vols. in 1, 371 total pp., plus 71 for Index by Philip Pinckney, 3 t.p.s.  Condition: good.

160.  Hager, Albert D.  REPORT ON THE ECONOMICAL, GEOLOGY, PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY AND SCENERY OF VERMONT (Claremont, 1862).  4to, 256 pp., folding colored front. map, 43 illus. ? plates.  Condition:  top and bottom of spine slightly chipped; good.

161.  Hagerman, Robert L.  MORE ABOUT MORRISTOWN, 1935-1980: THE FIRST DRAFT OF A SUPPLEMENT TO “HISTORY OF MORRISTOWN, VERMONT” BY ANNA L. MOWER, 1935 (Morrisville, 1982).  4to, 3 vols., 1,201 total pp., slipcase.  Number 16 of an edition of only 22 copies, inscribed by author on t.p. of Volume 1.  Condition:  fine.

162.  Haines, Samuel.  LETTER OF SAMUEL HAINES . . . IN VINDICATION OF HIMSELF AGAINST THE UNFOUNDED AND SLANDEROUS CHARGES OF CAPT. JOHN B. WALBACH (n.p., 1812).  8vo, 22 pp.  “Which prevented his appointment as Major in the New Army.”  Condition:  disbound; good.

163.  Hale, Salma.  ANNALS OF THE TOWN OF KEENE (Concord, 1826).  8vo, 69 pp.  Howes H-35.  Presentation copy from the author.  Condition: disbound; good.

164.  [Hale, Sarah J. B.].  THE GENIUS OF OBLIVION; AND OTHER ORIGINAL POEMS (Concord, 1823).  8vo, 146 (1) pp.  “By a lady of New-Hampshire.”  Presentation copy from the author, front flyleaf.  Condition: good.

165.  Hall, Basil.  ACCOUNT OF A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY TO THE WEST COAST OF COREA, AND THE GREAT LOO-CHOO ISLANDS (Philadelphia, 1818).  8vo, 201 (2) pp., 2 maps.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

166.  Hall, Benjamin H.  HISTORY OF EASTERN VERMONT (New York, 1858).  8vo, 799 pp., illus.  Howes H-50.  One of the most useful histories of early Vermont.  Faint ink inscription on front flyleaf, “Elizabeth P. Hall, with the kind love of her cousin, B. H. Hall, Decr. 18th, 1858.”  With 16-page printed prospectus for the book.  Condition:  good.

167.  Hall, Frederick.  CATALOGUE OF MINERALS, FOUND IN THE STATE OF VERMONT (Hartford, 1824).  8vo, printed wraps, 44 pp.  Condition: good

168.  -----.  STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF THE TOWN OF MIDDLEBURY, IN THE STATE OF VERMONT (Boston, 1821).  8vo, 38 pp.  Howes H-65.  Presentation copy from the author, top of t.p.  Condition: disbound; light water-staining; good.

169.  Hamilton, Alexander.  LETTER . . . CONCERNING THE PUBLIC CONDUCT AND CHARACTER OF JOHN ADAMS, ESQ., PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (New York, 1800).  8vo, 48 pp.  Howes H-116.  Condition: disbound; good.

170.  (Harrison, William H.).  HARRISON MELODIES, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED (Boston, 1840).  24mo, printed wraps, 72 pp., port. of Harrison on front wrap.  Songs for 1840 presidential campaign.  Condition: owner’s name on front wrap and t.p.; good.

First Two Editions of Mrs. Johnson’s Captivity Narrative

171.  Hastings, Susanna (Willard) Johnson.  A NARRATIVE OF THE CAPTIVITY OF MRS. JOHNSON (Walpole, 1796).  16mo, 144 pp.  Howes J-153.  First edition.  “Containing an account of her sufferings, during four years with the Indians and French.”  Rare.  Condition: top ?” of t.p. clipped; otherwise good.

172.  -----.  NARRATIVE (Windsor, 1807).  24mo, 144 pp.  Howes J-153.  Second edition.  McCorison #926.  Scarce.  Condition: some wear to orig. boards; good.

1802 Travel Memoirs of Matthew Phelps

173.  Haswell, Anthony.  MEMOIRS AND ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MATTHEW PHELPS (Bennington, 1802).  16mo, (4) 210, 64 (14) pp.  Howes H-300.  McCorison #643.  “Particularly in two voyages, From Connecticut to the River Mississippi, From December 1773 to October 1780.”  With John Spargo bookplate and tray-case.  “A. J. Haswell” signatures on both endpapers.  Rare.  Condition: top and right edge of t.p. clipped, not affecting text; otherwise good.

174.  Hawkes, Francis L.  THE MONUMENTS OF EGYPT (New York, 1850).  4to, orig. gilt cloth, 256 162 pp., ads, plates, illus.  “With notes of a voyage up the Nile by an American.”  Condition: good.

175.  Hayden, Chauncey, et al.  THE HISTORY OF JERICHO, VERMONT (Burlington, 1916).  8vo, 665 pp., folding map, photos.  Condition:  very good.

176.  Haynes, Edwin M.  A HISTORY OF THE TENTH REGIMENT, VT. VOLS. (Rutland, 1894).  8vo, 504 pp., 3 folding maps, numerous illus. ? ports.  Second, greatly enlarged edition.  Condition:  good.

177.  Haynes, Lemuel.  THE SUFFERINGS, SUPPORT, AND REWARD OF FAITHFUL MINISTERS, ILLUSTRATED . . . TWO VALEDICTORY ADDRESSES . . . RUTLAND, WEST PARISH, MAY 24TH, A.D. 1818 (Bennington, 1820).  8vo, 27 pp.  McCorison #2202.  Condition:  top ?” of t.p. clipped, not into text; otherwise good.

178.  -----.  UNIVERSAL SALVATION . . . A SERMON, DELIVERED AT WEST RUTLAND, WEST PARISH, IN THE YEAR 1805 (no place, no date).  “Fifteenth Edition.”  12mo, 18 pp.  This edition not listed in McCorison.  “With some account of the life and character of its author.”  Condition: worn at horiz. center fold; otherwise good.

179.  Hayward, John.  A GAZETTEER OF VERMONT (Boston, 1849).  12mo, 216 pp., folding front. map.  Condition:  good.

180.  -----.  THE NEW ENGLAND GAZETTEER (Concord, 1839).  8vo, unpag. (ca. 500 pp.), frontis., illus.  Eighth edition.  Howes H-354.  Condition: good.

181.  Hazard, Ebenezer.  HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS; CONSISTING OF STATE PAPERS, AND OTHER AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS; INTENDED AS MATERIALS FOR AN HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Philadelphia, 1792).  4to, orig. boards, Volume 1 (of 2) only, iv 639 x pp.  Howes H-362.  Volume 2 published 1794; Volume 1 complete in itself.  Rare.  Condition: good.

182.  Hemenway, Abby M., ed.  THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF MONTPELIER (Montpelier, 1882).  4to, iv (251-592) pp., ports.  Condition:  good to very good.

Hemenway’s Vermont Historical Gazetteer

183.  Hemenway, Abby M., ed.  THE VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER (Burlington, 1868).  Volume One.  8vo, 1096 pp., ports., modern green buckram.  Howes H-403.  Condition: good to very good.

184.  ------.  -----  (Burlington, 1871).  Volume Two.  8vo, 1199 (1) pp., ports., modern green buckram.  Howes H-403.  Condition: good to very good.

185.  -----.  -----  (Claremont, 1877).  Volume Three.  8vo, 1245 pp., ports., modern green buckram.  Howes H-403.  Scarce.  Condition: good to very good.

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190.  Hill, Ira.  IRA HILL’S MEMORIAL, AND REMARKS TO CONGRESS (n.p., n.d. [ca. 1820]).  8vo, 6 pp.  “He proposes to form near the Capitol, a geographical garden.”  Condition: good.

191.  Hitchcock, Edward.  REMINISCENCES OF AMHERST COLLEGE, HISTORICAL, SCIENTIFIC, BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL (Northampton, 1863).  8vo, 412 pp., front. port., folding map, 4 plates.  Condition: good.

192.  -----, et al.  REPORT ON THE GEOLOGY OF VERMONT: DESCRIPTIVE, THEORETICAL, ECONOMICAL, AND SCENOGRAPHICAL (Claremont, 1861).  4to, 2 vols., viii 988 pp., color maps, 38 lithographed plates, 365 woodcuts.  Gilman p. 101.  Condition:  spines slightly chipped; good.

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196.  Holton, Amos.  THE CASE OF MRS. CLARA H. PIKE, WIDOW OF GEN. Z. MONTGOMERY PIKE (Washington, 1846).  8vo, 16 pp.  “Her petition, paying compensation for extraordinary services, rendered by her late husband.”  Presentation copy from the author, t.p.  Condition: slight loss of paper last printed leaf, affecting 2-3 letters last 6 lines of text; some spotting to front; fair.

Bishop Hopkins’ “Gothic Architecture”

197.  Hopkins, John H., Sr.  ESSAY ON GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, WITH VARIOUS PLANS AND DRAWINGS FOR CHURCHES (Burlington, 1836).  4to, 46 pp. of text, 13 plates, litho. 2nd title-page.  Hopkins first Episcopal bishop of Vermont, lithographs prepared in Burlington by his children.  Condition: moderate cover wear; fair to good.

198.  Hopkins, Samuel.  A NEW EDITION OF TWO DISCOURSES (Bennington, 1793).  16mo, 120 pp.  McCorison #263.  Condition: cover wear; good.

Horsmanden’s 1744 Account of New York Conspiracy

199.  [Horsmanden, Daniel].  A JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS IN THE DETECTION OF THE CONSPIRACY FORMED BY SOME WHITE PEOPLE, IN CONJUNCTION WITH NEGRO AND OTHER SLAVES, FOR BURNING THE CITY OF NEW-YORK IN AMERICA (New York, 1744).  4to, 205 (1) 16 pp.  Howes H-652.  Very rare.  Condition: lacks flyleaves; names and cross-outs on t.p. and endleaves; covers worn; contents complete, sound.

200.  (Horticultural Register).  HORTICULTURAL REGISTER, AND GARDENER’S MAGAZINE (Boston, 1835).  4to, 479 (1) 40 pp., illus. 4 color ? 3 b/w plates.  January 1, 1835-January 1, 1836.  Condition: slight cover wear; good.

201.  (Horticulture).  CATALOGUE OF KITCHEN GARDEN, FIELD, AND FLOWER SEEDS, BULBOUS ROOTS, ?C. SOLD BY G. THORBURN AND SON (New York, 1821).  12mo, printed wraps, 34 pp., illus. of green-house on t.p. and front wrap.  Condition: good.

202.  Hoskins, Nathan.  A HISTORY OF THE STATE OF VERMONT (Vergennes, 1831).  16mo, 316 pp.  John Spargo bookplate inside front cover.  Condition: good.

203.  [Howard, C. W.].  FOURTEEN MONTHS IN AMERICAN BASTILLES (Baltimore, 1863).  8vo, 89 pp.  Criticism of the Lincoln administration for imprisoning the author, a Confederate sympathizer.  Condition: good.

204.  Hoyt, Epaphras.  ANTIQUARIAN RESEARCHES: COMPRISING A HISTORY OF THE INDIAN WARS IN THE COUNTRY BORDERING CONNECTICUT RIVER AND PARTS ADJACENT (Greenfield, 1824).  8vo, orig. boards, 312 pp., engraved 2nd t.p.  Howes H-746.  Rare.  Condition: binding weak, spine gone; untrimmed; some foxing; contents complete, sound.

205.  -----.  A TREATISE ON THE MILITARY ART; IN FOUR PARTS (Brattleboro, 1798).  16mo, 214 pp., 10 foldout plates.  McCorison #490.  With Hall Park McCullough bookplate inside front cover.  Condition: good.

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209.  -----.  A VERMONT SETTLER’S OWN STORY (Hartland, 1941).  24 pp., printed wraps.  “Privately printed for Marvin E. Hatch . . . Christmas Nineteen Forty-One.”  Three copies of this reprint of Hubbell’s Narrative, each a different version; 1 on large paper, 1 on Whatman’s Drawing Paper.  Edition of only 95 copies.  Condition: all good.

210.  (Hudson River).  THE TRAVELLER’S STEAMBOAT AND RAILROAD GUIDE TO THE HUDSON RIVER (New York, 1857).  8vo, printed wraps, 50 pp., folding map, illus.  With: [H. Wilson], WILSON’S ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE HUDSON RIVER ([New York], 1849).  24mo, 61 20 pp., ads front and back.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: both good.

211.  Hull, William.  DEFENCE OF BRIGADIER GENERAL W. HULL (Boston, 1814).  8vo, 215 pp.  “Delivered before the General Court Martial . . . Albany, March, 1814.”  Condition: untrimmed; slight cover wear; good.

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213.  Huntington, H. ? F. J.  Incomplete 1830 atlas [Hartford, 1830]).  4to, original stiff-paper wraps.  No title-page; 5 double-page color U.S. maps; 8 single-page color foreign maps; 4 pp. text at back.  Condition: maps/contents good.

214.  Hurd, Jarvis.  REPORT OF JARVIS HURD . . . HAMPSHIRE AND HAMPDEN CANAL COMPANY (Northampton, 1826). 8vo, 36 pp.  Condition: disbound; some water-spotting; untrimmed; fair.

215.  (Illinois and Ouabache Land Companies).  MEMORIAL OF THE ILLINOIS AND OUABACHE LAND COMPANIES, TO THE HONORABLE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES (n.p., [1802]).  8vo, 20 pp.  Condition: good.

216.  Irving, Washington.  LIFE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON (New York, 1857-58).  4to, ? blue morocco ? marbled boards, 4 vols., 504-523 pp., numerous illus. ? plates.  “Illustrated Edition.”  Howes I-84.  Condition: good.

217.  (Jackson, Andrew).  THE CASE OF THE SIX MUTINEERS, WHOSE CONVICTION AND SENTENCE WERE APPROVED BY GENERAL JACKSON, FAIRLY STATED (Albany, 1828).  8vo, 52 pp.  Shoemaker 32940.  Pro-Jackson campaign pamphlet, on the Tennessee militiamen executed on his orders in 1815.  Condition: disbound; good.

218.  (-----).  THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, WRITTEN FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES (Frankfort, 1824).  8vo, 47 pp.  Howes J-12.  “Particularly for those of the State of Kentucky.”  Sixth in the 1823-24 Frankfort-Louisville series, by “Philo-Jackson.”  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; light water-spotting; good.

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Jefferson’s 1801 Manual, Signed

220.  Jefferson, Thomas.  A MANUAL OF PARLIAMENTARY PRACTICE, FOR THE USE OF THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES (Washington, 1801).  16mo, orig. full calf, unpag. (ca. 200 pp.).  Inscribed on front endpaper, “For the use of the Senate, Th. Jefferson.”  Condition: good.

221.  Jeffrey, William H.  SUCCESSFUL VERMONTERS: A MODERN GAZETTEER OF CALEDONIA, ESSEX, AND ORLEANS COUNTIES (East Burke, 1904).  Tall 8vo, 361 158 274 pp., ports., illus.  Condition: good.

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226.  [-----].  ----- (Philadelphia, 1872).  German-language version.  8vo, printed illus. wraps, 131 pp., front. port., ads.  Condition: bottom corner of front wrap chipped, good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

227.  (Juvenile, 1799).  THE STORY OF THE INNOCENT AMELIA; OR THE TREACHEROUS BROTHER (Putney, Vt., 1799).  48mo, 59 pp.  McCorison 541, only 2 locations.  Condition: good.

228.  (-----, 1823).  THE LIFE, TRAVELS, VOYAGES, AND DARING ENGAGEMENTS OF PAUL JONES (Woodstock, 1823).  32mo, yellow printed wraps, 72 pp.  Condition: some cover wear; fair.

229.  (-----, 1829).  THE SCHOOL OF GOOD MANNERS, COMPOSED FOR THE HELP OF PARENTS, IN TEACHING THEIR CHILDREN HOW TO BEHAVE DURING THEIR MINORITY (Windsor, 1829).  32mo, printed wraps, 62 pp., illus.  Two copies, one with blue wraps and one with tan wraps.  Condition: both good.

230.  (-----, 1837).  A GOOD BOOK (Newport, N.H., 1837).  32mo, 10 pp., illus., printed wraps.  Condition: good.

231.  Kane, Elisha K.  ARCTIC EXPLORATIONS: THE SECOND GRINNELL EXPEDITION IN SEARCH OF SIR JOHN FRANKLIN, 1853, ’54, ’55 (Philadelphia, 1856).  8vo, 2 vols., 464 ? 467 pp., illus., plates.  Condition: very good.

232.  Kendall, Benjamin F.  THE EX-CHIEF JUSTICE AND THE PRINTER; BEING A REPORT OF A TRIAL FOR LIBEL, TITUS HUTCHINSON VS. B. F. KENDALL (Woodstock, 1836).  8vo, 72 pp.  Condition: disbound; fair.

233.  Keppel, George.  PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF A JOURNEY FROM INDIA TO ENGLAND (Philadelphia, 1827).  8vo, orig. boards, 344 pp., ads in front.  “In the year 1824.”  Condition: untrimmed; boards spotted; foxing; contents sound, good.

234.  (Knapp, John F. et al., defendants).  TRIAL OF GEORGE CROWNINSHIELD, J. J. KNAPP, JUN. AND JOHN FRANCIS KNAPP, FOR THE MURDER OF CAPT. JOSEPH WHITE, OF SALEM (Boston, 1830).  8vo, 104 pp.  One of New England’s most celebrated murder cases; (see Crowninshield, Richard).  Condition: disbound; good.

235.  (-----).  SECOND TRIAL OF JOHN FRANCIS KNAPP BY A NEW JURY . . . FOR THE MURDER OF CAPT. JOSEPH WHITE (Boston, 1830).  8vo, 28 pp., maps, ports., illus.  Condition: disbound; good.

236.  Lamb, Larned.  THE MILITIA’S GUIDE (Montpelier, 1807).  8vo, 105 (3) pp.  McCorison #932.  “Designed for the Instruction of a Young and Undisciplined Militia,” by a Lieut. Col. in the Vermont state militia.  Condition: good.

237.  (Lamoille ? Orleans Counties, Vt.).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF LAMOILLE AND ORLEANS COUNTIES, VT., FOR 1883-84 (Syracuse, 1883).  8vo, 658 pp., 2 folding maps.  Condition: good.

“A Fiend Incarnate” 1876

238.  (Lapage, Joseph, defendant).  THE TRIAL OF JOSEPH LAPAGE, THE FRENCH MONSTER, FOR THE MURDER OF THE BEAUTIFUL SCHOOL GIRL, MISS JOSIE LANGMAID.  ALSO, THE ACCOUNT OF THE MURDER OF MISS MARIETTA BALL, THE SCHOOL TEACHER, IN THE WOODS, IN VERMONT (Philadelphia, 1876).  8vo, printed illus. wraps, 50 pp., illus.   Illustration captions in both English and German.  Convicted for 1875 Langmaid murder and implicated in 1874 Ball murder in St. Albans, Vt., “Lapage must have been a fiend incarnate.”  Condition:  some water-spotting; spine worn; fair.

239.  [Lavoisier, Antoine L.].  THE ART OF MANUFACTURING ALKALINE SALTS AND POTASHES ([Philadelphia, 1785?]).  12mo, 50 pp., 3 (of 4) folding plates.  Bristol B6091.  “Translated from the French, by Charles Williamos[sic].”  Condition: lacks first folding plate; disbound; good.

240.  Law, Andrew.  SELECT HARMONY (n.p., n.d. [ca. 1800]).  Oblong 4to, 100 pp., engraved t.p.  “Containing in a plan and concise manner, the rules of singing.”  Two copies.  Condition: one lacks flyleaves; otherwise both good.

241.  [Lincoln, Abraham].  POLITICAL DEBATES BETWEEN HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND HON. STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS (Columbus, 1860).  8vo, 268 pp.  Howes L-338.  With 1860 Lincoln speech The Republican Party Vindicated (Washington, 1860), 16 pp., bound in at back; woodcut port. of Lincoln inside front cover; engraved port. of Lincoln inside back cover.  Condition: good.

242.  Linsley, D. C.  MORGAN HORSES: A PREMIUM ESSAY (New York, 1858).  12mo, 340 pp., front., plates, ads, Morgan horse in gilt on front cover.  Condition: spine relaid; good.

243.  (Litchfield County, Conn.).  LITCHFIELD COUNTY CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION . . . 13TH AND 14TH OF AUGUST, 1851 (Hartford, 1851).  8vo, printed wraps, 212 pp., front.  Condition: bottom 3cm of paper spine missing; good.

244.  Livingston, Edward.  REMARKS ON THE EXPEDIENCY OF ABOLISHING THE PUNISHMENT OF DEATH (Philadelphia, 1831).  8vo, 42 pp.  Presentation copy from the author, top of t.p. Condition: uncut ? untrimmed; good.

245.  Loring, Thomas.  SPEECH . . . UPON THE BILL, GRANTING FARTHER AID IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE WESTERN RAIL-ROAD (Boston, 1839).  8vo, 28 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

246.  (Louisiana).  AN ACCOUNT OF LOUISIANA, BEING AN ABSTRACT OF DOCUMENTS IN THE OFFICES OF THE DEPARTMENTS OF STATE, AND OF THE TREASURY ([Philadelphia?  1803?].  12mo, 48 pp.  Howes L-493.  Quite rare.  Condition: disbound; trimmed at top, into page numbers; otherwise good.

1798 Cartoon and Report of Lyon-Griswold Battle in Congress

247.  (Lyon, Matthew).  “Congressional Puglists” (n.p., n.d. [Philadelphia, 1798?]).  Engraving, 15 x 21.5cm.  Crude, satirical depiction of Lyon altercation with Roger Griswold in Congress, February 15, 1798; key to participants and witnesses around edges; humorous descriptive quatrain below.  Rare.  Condition: good.

248.  (-----).  REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE OF PRIVILEGES . . . RELATIVE TO THE “EXPULSION FROM THIS HOUSE, OF MATTHEW LYON ([Philadelphia, 1798]).  8vo, 4 pp.  “For a violent attack, and gross indecency committed upon the person of Roger Griswold, a member from Connecticut.”  Rare.  Condition: ?” curved section out of right-hand margins, not affecting text; otherwise good.

249.  McCarty, John M.  A VIEW OF THE WHOLE GROUND: BEING THE WHOLE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN MR. JOHN M. McCARTY AND GENERAL A. T. MASON (Washington, 1818).  8vo, 38 pp.  Political dispute arising from an election in Loudon, Va.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

250.  Macaulay, Catharine.  ADDRESS TO THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND, ON THE PRESENT IMPORTANT AFFAIRS (London, 1775).  8vo, 15 pp., front. half-title.  “The Third Edition.”  Condition: disbound; trimmed tight at top, into page numbers and top line of pp. 7 and 10; writing on t.p. and half-title; fair.

1810 Biography of Grandfather of Joseph Smith the Prophet

251.  Mack, Solomon.  A NARRAITVE [sic] OF THE LIFE OF SOLOMON MACK (Windsor, [1810]).  16mo, 48 pp., original blue wraps.  McCorison #1189, only 5 locations.  Howes M-116.  Details Mack’s experiences in the French and Indian War and American Revolution.  Quite rare.  Condition: good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

Mackenzie’s 1802 Voyages from Montreal

252.  Mackenzie, Alexander.  VOYAGES FROM MONTREAL, ON THE RIVER ST. LAURENCE, THROUGH THE CONTINENT OF NORTH AMERICA, AND TO THE FROZEN AND PACIFIC OCEANS (New York, 1802).  8vo, orig. full calf, 296 pp., folding front. map.  “First American Edition.”  Howes M-133.  “With a preliminary account of the rise, progress, and present state of the fur trade of that country.”  Condition: front cover detached, present; spine dry/cracked; back hinge weak; contents sound, good.

253.  Mansfield, David L.  THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF DUMMERSTON (Ludlow, 1884).  8vo, 216 pp.  “From Vol. V of the Vermont Historical Gazetteer now in press.”  Condition: good.


Amos Lay’s Impressive 1824 Map of New York

254.  (Map—New York, 1824).  Amos Lay, “Map of the State of New-York” (n.p. [New York], 1824).  127 x 127.5cm, outline color.  Second edition, revised.  Excellent detail; roads, towns, waterways, mountains; includes part of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Folding map, backed on linen; with orig. 4to case.    Condition: good.

255.  (-----National Road, ca. 1830).  “Map of Reconnaissance Exhibiting the Country Between Washington and New Orleans with the Routes Examined in Reference to a Contemplated National Road Between These Two Cities” (n.p., n.d. [ca. 1830)].  48.5 x 64.5cm, plus margins.  Ohio River south to the Atlantic, mid-Carolinas west to Mississippi River; shows towns, rivers, roads, elevations, proposed road route; on parchment.  Condition: 3 small holes at fold lines in far western section, not affecting text; good.

256.  (-----Florida, 1839).  John Mackay ? J. E. Blake, “Map of the Seat of War in Florida” (n.p., n.d. [1839]).  Engraving, 101 x 72cm, outline color.  Excellent detail; military map published to provide information on the Seminole War.  Condition: one vertical 3cm tear at top; good.

257.  (-----Mexico, 1847).  S. Augustus Mitchell, “Map of Mexico, Including Yucatan ? Upper California” (Philadelphia, 1847).  42.5 x 62cm, colored, color border.  All of Mexico north to present-day Nebraska, includes California, Texas, New Orleans; shows provinces in color, towns, roads; inset upper right, “The Late Battlefield,” Monterey, September 1846.  Condition: 12cm horizontal fold-line separation at left, in Pacific Ocean area; strong color; good.

258.  (-----Rutland ? Burlington Railroad, 1848).  William B. Gilbert, “Map ? Profile of the Rutland ? Burlington Railroad” (Boston, 1848).  59 x 137cm.  Cobb #249.  Condition: fold lines; good.

259.  (-----Vermont Central Railroad, ca. 1848).  “Map of the Vermont Central Rail Road, and Its Connections” (n.p., n.d. [ca. 1848]).  54.5 x 92cm.  Not listed in Cobb.  Boston to Chicago, Cleveland to Quebec; “Statistical Table Compiled from the Census of 1840 ? Other Official Documents” inset lower left; “Road completed to Fitchburgh and the stock taken to Vermont line.”  Condition: fold lines; good.

260.  (-----Vermont Valley Railroad, ca. 1855).  E. S. Philbrick, “Map of a Part of New England Showing the Connections of the Vermont Valley Rail Road” (Hartford, n.d. [ca. 1855]).  111 x 53cm.  Not listed in Cobb.  Long Island Sound north to Canadian border; shows railroad lines, river, some towns.  Condition: 18cm vertical tear center top; good.

(End maps)

261.  (Margarot, Maurice, defendant).  THE TRIAL OF MAURICE MARGAROT, DELEGATE FROM LONDON, TO THE BRITISH CONVENTION . . . AT EDINBURGH . . . FOR SEDITION (Phialdelphia, 1794).  8vo, 163 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

262.  Marsh, George P.  A COMPENDIOUS GRAMMAR OF THE OLD-NORTHERN OR ICELANDIC LANGUAGE (Burlington, 1838).  12mo, orig. wraps, 162 (1) pp.  Supposedly suppressed by Marsh because of the numerous typos, quite rare.  Presentation copy from Marsh to Vermont Congressman Horace Everett, front flyleaf.  Condition: spine worn; good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

263.  Martin, Maria.  AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE KINGDOM OF ALGIERS . . . TO WHICH IS ANNEXED A HISTORY OF THE CAPTIVITY AND SUFFERINGS OF MRS. MARIA MARTIN, WHO WAS SIX YEARS A SLAVE IN ALGIERS (Rutland, 1815).  16mo, 69 pp., printed wraps, crude front. illus.  McCorison #1756, only 4 locations.  Condition: good.

264.  (Maryland, 1861).  REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON FEDERAL RELATIONS IN REGARD TO THE CALLING OF A SOVEREIGN CONVENTION (Frederick, 1861).  8vo, 22 pp.  Approved by the House of Delegates on May 9, 1861; calls for recognition of the Confederate States of America.  Condition: good.

265.  Mather, Cotton.  MAGNALIA CHRISTI AMERICANA: OR, THE ECCLESIATICAL HISTORY OF NEW-ENGLAND (Hartford, 1820).  8vo, 2 vols., 573 ? 595 pp.  Howes M-391.  Condition: front hinge weak on Vol. 1; moderate cover wear; contents sound, good.

266.  Matthews, Lyman.  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF CORNWALL, VERMONT (Middlebury, 1862).  8vo, 356 pp., ports.  With 2-page printed prospectus laid in.  Condition: spine relaid; good.

267.  (Militia).  AN ACT REGULATING AND GOVERNING THE MILITIA OF VERMONT (Middlebury, 1819).  16mo, 63 pp.  Condition: good.

268.  Miller, Edward ? Wells, Frederic P.  HISTORY OF RYEGATE, VERMONT (St. Johnsbury, 1913).  4to, 608 pp., ports.  1922 F. P. Wells ALS laid in.  Condition: good.

269.  Monroe, John.  THE AMERICAN BOTANIST, AND FAMILY PHYSICIAN (Danville, 1824).  12mo, 203 pp.  “The medical virtues of the Mineral, Animal and Vegetable productions of North America are exhibited.”  Condition: new spine; good.

270.  Morley, Christopher.  BLYTHE MOUNTAIN, VERMONT (Brattleboro, 1931).  4to,  26 pp., front. etching by Andrew R. Butler.  First publication of the Stephen Daye Press; designed by Vrest Orton; limited to 500 copies.  “The story of the Morley trek into Vermont and of what they found there.”  Inscribed by Vrest Orton to Vermont governor Stanley C. Wilson, Jan. 1, 1932.  Condition: fine.

271.  Morse, Jedidiah.  A SERMON, DELIVERED AT CHARLESTOWN . . . INTERMENT OF MISS MARY RUSSELL ([Charlestown], 1806).  8vo, 18 pp.  Condition: good.

272.  Morton, Perez.  AN ORATION, DELIVERED AT THE KING’S CHAPEL IN BOSTON, APRIL THE EIGHTH, 1776, ON THE RE-INTERMENT OF THE REMAINS OF THE MOST WORSHIPFUL GRAND MASTER . . . JOSEPH WARREN (New York, 1776).  8vo, 11 pp., half-title.  Condition: disbound; light spotting; good.

273.  (Mount Auburn Cemetery).  DEARBORN’S GUIDE THROUGH MOUNT AUBURN (Boston, 1851).  8vo, printed wraps, folding map, illus.  “With an engraved plan of the cemetery.”  Condition: front wrap, map separated at spine; otherwise good.

274.  Murray, W. H. H.  LAKE CHAMPLAIN AND ITS SHORES (Boston, 1890).  12mo, 261 pp., front. port., ads.  Signed presentation copy from the author, front flyleaf.  Condition: good.

275.  Myers, J. C.  SKETCHES OF A TOUR THROUGH THE NORTHERN AND EASTERN STATES, THE CANADAS ? NOVA SCOTIA (Harrisonburg, 1849).  16mo, 475 (1) pp.  Howes M-932.  Condition: front hinge weak; otherwise good.

Neal’s 1720 History of New England

276.  Neal, Daniel.  THE HISTORY OF NEW-ENGLAND (London, 1720).  8vo, orig. blind-stamped calf, 2 vols., 712 xv (1) total pp., folding map.  Howes N-26.  Rare.  Condition: hinges starting; map torn along horiz. fold line, complete; contents sound.

277.  (The New England Farmer).  THE NEW ENGLAND FARMER (Boston, 1823-27).  4to, 5 vols., 414-416 pp.  Volumes 1-5, “Containing essays, original and selected, relating to agriculture and domestic economy, with engravings, and the prices of country produce.”  With contemporaneous scattered issues of American Farmer (Baltimore) bound in at end of 5th volume.  Condition: some minor page wear, creases; good.

278.  (New England Mississippi Land Company).  MEMORIAL OF THE AGENTS OF THE NEW ENGLAND MISSISSIPPI LAND COMPANY TO CONGRESS ([Washington, 1804]).  8vo, 7 109 pp.  Second part is A Vindication of the Rights of the New England Mississippi Land Company.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

279.  (New Hampshire—Laws, 1780).  ACTS AND LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW-HAMPSHIRE, IN AMERICA (Exeter, 1780).  Folio, 182 pp.  “With the Declaration of Independence.”  Condition: untrimmed; good.

280.  (New York—Assembly, 1779).  THE VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NEW-YORK . . . THIRD SESSION . . . AUGUST, 1779 (Fishkill, 1779).  4to, 86 pp.  Condition: untrimmed; some wear to exteriors; good.

281.  (-----Senate, 1779).  VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF NEW-YORK . . . THIRD SESSION . . . AUGUST 24, 1779 (Fishkill, 1779).  4to, 56 pp.  Condition: untrimmed; some wear to exteriors; good.

282.  (-----Statutes, 1792).  LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW-YORK . . . FROM THE FIRST TO THE FIFTEENTH SESSION, INCLUSIVE (New York, 1792).  8vo, orig. full calf, 2 vols., 522 ? 521 (14) pp.  Condition: darkening to back cover of vol. 2; otherwise a nice set.

283.  (New-York Magazine, 1795).  THE NEW-YORK MAGAZINE; OR LITERARY REPOSITORY (New York, 1795).  8vo, pp. [641]-778 [1]-384.  Nine 1795-96 issues—bound as November 1795, March 1796, October, December, January, March, April, September, and June 1795.  Condition: good.

1847 Prelude To The Oneida Community

284.  Noyes, John Humphrey.  THE BEREAN: A MANUAL FOR THE HELP OF THOSE WHO SEEK THE PRIMITIVE CHURCH (Putney, Vt., 1847).  8vo, 504 pp.  Not listed in Gilman.  “Printed at the office of the Spiritual Magazine.”  With an undated, 8-page “Extra” issue of Noyes’ magazine The Perfectionist tipped in at back.  Condition: ex-library, spine label ? 1 inside stamp; good.

First Three Annual Reports Of The Oneida Association

285.  (Oneida Association, 1849).  FIRST ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ONEIDA ASSOCIATION . . . HISTORY, PRINCIPLES, AND TRANSACTIONS TO JAN. 1, 1849 (Oneida Reserve, 1849).  8vo, printed wraps, 66 pp.  Condition: uncut; good.

286.  (-----, 1850).  SECOND ANNUAL REPORT (Oneida Reserve, 1850).  8vo, printed wraps, 31 pp.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

287.  (-----, 1851).  THIRD ANNUAL REPORT (Oneida Reserve, 1851).  8vo, printed wraps, 32 pp.  Condition: good.

288.  (Orange County, Vt.).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER OF ORANGE COUNTY, VT.  1762-1888 (Syracuse, 1888).  8vo, (792) pp., folding map.  Condition: top of backstrip weak; otherwise sound, good.

289.  (-----).  ----,  PART FIRST.  GAZETTEER OF ORANGE COUNTY, VT. 1762-1888 (Syracuse, 1888).  8vo, pp. 1-160/40 [i.e., 201 pp.].  “Orange County Vt. Copper Mines and Bench and Bar” printed on front cover, and text confined to those subjects.  Inscribed by Vermont governor Roswell Farnham (author of much of the text) to F. W. Baldwin, November 17, 1888.  Condition: good.

290.  (Orleans County, Vt.).  Abby M. Hemenway, ed.  THE HISTORY OF ORLEANS COUNTY, VERMONT: CIVIL, ECCLESIASTICAL, BIOGRAPHICAL AND MILITARY (White River Junction, 1882).  4to, pp. 1-402.  From Volume III of Hemenway’s Vermont Historical Gazetteer (1877), issued separately “to meet an earnest demand.”  Condition:  good.

1883 Orvis on Fly-Fishing, With Color Plates

291.  Orvis, Charles F. ? Cheney, A. Nelson.  FISHING WITH THE FLY (Manchester, Vt., 1883).  299 (2) pp., color plates, illus. t.p.  “Sketches by Lovers of the Art, with Illustrations of Standard Flies.”  Condition: very good.

292.  (Palmer, Edwin F.).  THE SECOND BRIGADE; OR, CAMP LIFE (Montpelier, 1864).  12mo, 224 pp.  Gilman p. 190.  Civil War memoir, ‘by a volunteer,” 2nd lieutenant in the 13th Vermont Regiment.  Condition: good.

293.  (Parker, Moses et al., defendants).  TRIAL OF MOSES PARKER . . . ON AN INDICTMENT FOR THE MURDER OF DAVID R. LAMBERT, ON THE 3D OF JUNE, 1825 (New York, [1825]).  8vo, 36 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

294.  Parkman, Francis.  HISTORIC HANDBOOK OF THE NORTHERN TOUR (Boston, 1885).  8vo, 180 pp., front., illus., ads.  First edition.  “Lakes George and Champlain; Niagara; Montreal; Quebec.”  Condition: good.

1835 Vermont Murder Trial

295.  (Peake, Rebecca, defendant).  TRIAL OF MRS. REBECCA PEAKE . . . FOR THE MURDER OF EHPRAIM PEAKE . . . ORANGE COUNTY COURT, DEC. TERM, 1835 (Montpelier, 1836).  8vo, 88 pp.  Gilman p. 194.  Condition: good.

296.  Peale, Rubens ? Lancaster, Joseph, comps.  OUTLINES OF THE LIFE OF THEODORE NEWELL, AND HISTORY OF HIS INVENTIONS (Baltimore, 1824).  8vo, 12 pp.  “From Theodore Newell’s own account, and published solely for his benefit.”  Condition: some foxing; good.

297.  Peck, Theodore S., compiler.  REVISED ROSTER OF VERMONT VOLUNTEERS . . . DURING THE WAR OF THE REBELLION, 1861-66 (Montpelier, 1892).  4to, vi (2) 863 pp.  Essential reference work on Vermont’s role in the Civil War.  Gift of the Congressional Medal of Honor-winning compiler to fellow veteran and Vermont governor Roswell Farnham, 1892, front flyleaf.  Condition: front cover detached, present; contents sound, good.

298.  Pearse, James.  A NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF JAMES PEARSE, IN TWO PARTS (Rutland, 1825).  12mo, 144 pp.  “Five years residence in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana . . . his unfortunate imprisonment at Plattsburgh, in the state of New York.”  Condition: writing on endpapers; lacks back flyleaf; otherwise sound, good.

299.  [Pettit, Charles?].  AN IMPARTIAL REVIEW OF THE RISE AND PROGRESS OF THE CONTROVERSY BETWEEN THE PARTIES KNOWN BY THE NAMES OF THE FEDERALISTS, ? REPUBLICANS (Philadelphia, 1800).  8vo, 50 pp.  Howes I-15.  Condition: untrimmed; 2” horizontal tear last 2 leaves, but complete; good.

300.  Phelps, James H.  COLLECTIONS RELATING TO THE HISTORY AND INHABITANTS OF THE TOWN OF TOWNSHEND, VERMONT (Brattleboro, 1877).  8vo, 47 pp., printed wraps.  “Part I, Acton.”  With: “Part II” (Brattleboro, 1884).  8vo, pp. 49-287, ports.  Includes text of Part III, history of Townshend Congregational Church.  Condition: both good.

301.  Picot, L. G.  ARGUMENT . . . FOR APPELLANTS . . . TO THE COMMISSIONER OF THE GENERAL LAND OFFICE . . . IN THE MATTER OF LOCATING THE COMPARIOS AND CONDE CLAIMS (Richmond, 1852).  8vo, printed wraps, 204 pp.  “Principal documents in the Comparios and Conde claims,” 8 pp., bound upside down at front.  Illinois and Missouri land claims.  Condition: good.

302.  Pitkin, Albert H.  EARLY AMERICAN FOLK POTTERY, INCLUDING THE HISTORY OF THE BENNINGTON POTTERY (Hartford, 1918).  8vo, 152 pp., front., photos, illus.  Edition limited to 260 copies.  Condition: good.

1785 Bennington Edition of Pope’s “Essay on Man”

303.  Pope, Alexander.  AN ESSAY ON MAN, IN FOUR EPISTLES (Bennington, 1785).  12mo, (4) (5)-43 pp.  McCorison #96, only 4 locations.  Condition: good.

304.  Porter, David.  JOURNAL OF A CRUISE MADE TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN . . . IN THE UNITED STATES FRIGATE ESSEX, IN THE YEARS 1812, 1813, AND 1814 (New York, 1822).  8vo, orig. boards, 2 vols., lxxvi 242 (1) ? (4) 256 pp., folding map, 6 (of 7) plates, folding tab.  Howes P-484.  Rare.  Condition: untrimmed; moderate binding wear; some foxing and water-staining; contents sound, good.

305.  Prideaux, Humphrey.  THE TRUE NATURE OF IMPOSTURE, FULLY DISPLAYED IN THE LIFE OF MAHOMET (Fair Haven, Vt., 1798).  16mo, 108 84 pp.  McCorison #494.  With Hall Park McCullough bookplate.  Condition: 2 names on t.p.; otherwise good.

306.  Rafinesque, C. S.  AMERICAN MANUAL OF THE GRAPE VINES AND THE ART OF MAKING WINE (Philadelphia, 1830).  8vo, 64 pp., 2 plates of 4 figures.  “Let every Farmer drink his own Wine.”  Condition: disbound; good.

307.  (Railroads).  R. S. Fisher, ed.  AMERICAN RAILWAY GUIDE, AND POCKET COMPANION (New York, March 1854).  24mo, printed wraps, 192 pp., folding front. map.  Condition: some cover wear; contents sound, good.

308.  (-----).  -----.  DINSMORE’S AMERICAN RAILROAD AND STEAM NAVIGATION GUIDE AND COMPANION (New York, n.d.).  24mo, printed wraps, 256 pp., folding front. map, interior maps.  Condition: good.

309.  (-----).  A. E. Newton, ed.  THE PATHFINDER RAILWAY GUIDE FOR THE NEW ENGLAND STATES (Boston, 1850-51-52).  Three volumes, for November 1850, January 1851 and February 1852.  32mo, each 128 pp., each with folding map.  Condition: all good.

310.  (-----).  G. F. Thomas, ed.  APPLETONS’ ILLUSTRATED RAILWAY AND STEAM NAVIGATION GUIDE (New York, 1860).  16mo, printed wraps, 276 pp., folding front. map, interior maps.  Condition: good.

311.  Raymond, Daniel.  THE MISSOURI QUESTION (Baltimore, 1819).  8vo, 39 pp.  Howes R-81.  Condition: disbound; foxed; good.

312.  Rector, William.  ANSWER OF WILLIAM RECTOR . . . TO THE CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST HIM BY DAVID BARTON (St. Louis, 1824).  8vo, 45 (1) pp.  Rector a U.S. surveyor in Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas, responding to accusations by U.S. Senator from Missouri.  Condition: disbound; good.

313.  [Reed, Silas].  LETTERS ON THE SUBJECT OF A LINE OF RAIL-ROADS, FROM BOSTON TO THE MISSISSIPPI (Boston, 1839).  8vo, 12 pp.  Condition: disbound; trimmed a little tight on outside edge, not into text; good.

314.  Ripley, William Y. W.  VERMONT RIFLEMEN IN THE WAR FOR THE UNION, 1861 TO 1865 (Rutland, 1883).  12mo, 204 pp.  “A History of Company F, First United States Sharp Shooters.”  Inscribed by Vermont governor William W. Stickney to Commandery of Vermont, Loyal Legion, front flyleaf.  Condition: very good.

1809 American Revolution Memoir of Lemuel Roberts

315.  Roberts, Lemuel.  MEMOIRS OF CAPTAIN LEMUEL ROBERTS (Bennington, 1809).  8vo, 96 pp.  McCorison #1100.  “Containing adventures in youth, vicissitudes experienced as a Continental soldier, his sufferings as a prisoner, and escapes from captivity.”  Rare.  Condition: wraps worn; good.

316.  [Robinson, Lewis].  SELECT AND ORIGINAL DIALOGUES, ORATIONS AND SINGLE PIECES, DESIGNED FOR THE USE OF SCHOOLS (Weathersfield, Vt., 1816).  16mo, 20th-cent. brown cloth, 180 pp.  McCorison #1865, only 5 locations.  “By Lewis Roberson,” early pseudonym of Vermont’s prolific mid-19th-century map publisher.  Quite rare.  Condition: good.

317.  [Robinson, Rowland E.].  FOREST AND STREAM FABLES (New York, 1886).  8vo, printed wraps, (18) pp.  By “Awahsoose the Bear.”  Rare.  Condition: separated at spine; contents sound, good.

318.  Robinson, Sarah.  GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE FAMILIES OF ROBINSONS, SAFFORDS, HARWOODS, AND CLARKS (Bennington, 1837).  16mo, 96 pp.  Gilman p. 234.  Condition: front cover detached, present; otherwise good.

319.  Rollins, E. E.  THE MEMORIAL RECORD OF THE SOLDIERS WHO ENLISTED FROM GREENSBORO, VERMONT, TO AID IN SUBDUING THE GREAT REBELLION OF 1861-5 (Montpelier, 1868).  12mo, green printed wraps, 77 pp.  Condition: lacks back wrap; otherwise good.

Rare 1930 History of Lake Champlain Steamboats

320.  Ross, Ogden.  THE STEAMBOATS OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN 1809 TO 1930 (n.p., 1930).  4to, 184 pp., photos ? illus.  Privately published by the Champlain Transportation Company in an edition of 200 copies.  Condition: very good.

321.  Ross, Robert.  A SERMON, IN WHICH THE UNION OF THE COLONIES IS CONSIDERED AND RECOMMENDED . . . NOVEMBER SIXTEENTH, 1775 (New York, 1776).  8vo, 28 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

322.  (Rural Magazine, 1796).  THE RURAL MAGAZINE: OR, VERMONT REPOSITORY (Rutland, 1796).  8vo, 620 (4) pp., modern ? green morocco.  McCorison #399.  “Volume II,” the second year of Vermont’s first magazine.  Condition: some water-spotting; complete, good.

1812 History of Vermont State Prison

323.  Russell, John, Jr.  AN AUTHENTIC HISTORY OF THE VERMONT STATE PRISON (Windsor, 1812).  16mo, 91 pp., front. view of prison, finely bound in late 19th-cent. 2/3 crimson morocco.  McCorison #1418.  “To which is added, some remarks on the utility of the institution.”  Condition:  bottom left 1/8 of plate missing; otherwise sound, good.

324.  (Rutland County, Vt.).  BOOK OF BIOGRAPHIES: THIS VOLUME CONTAINS BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF LEADING CITIZENS OF RUTLAND COUNTY, VERMONT (Buffalo, 1899).  4to, 432 (1) pp., ports., a.e.g.  Condition: front hinge repaired; sound, good.

325.  (-----).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF RUTLAND COUNTY, VT., FOR 1881-82 (Syracuse, 1881).  8vo, 643 (1) pp., folding map.  Condition: spine relaid; good.

326.  (-----).  H. P. Smith ? W. S. Rann, eds., HISTORY OF RUTLAND COUNTY, VERMONT (Syracuse, 1886).  4to, 959 pp., ports., a.e.g.  Condition: good.

327.  (St. Louis, 1854).  ANNUAL REVIEW.  HISTORY OF ST. LOUIS, COMMERCIAL STATISTICS, IMPROVES OF THE YEAR, AND ACCOUNT OF LEADING MANUFACTORIES, ?C. (St. Louis, 1854).  8vo, yellow printed wraps, 48 pp., folding front. map.  “Map of the United States, Showing the principal Steamboat routes and projected Railroads connecting with St. Louis,” 42 x 67cm.  Condition: front wrap ? map separated at spine, present; contents sound, good.

328.  (Safford, Truman H., Jr.).  YOUTH’S ALMANAC, FOR THE YEAR 1846 (Bradford, Vt., [1845]).  8vo, 48 pp.  “Astronomical calculations by Truman H. Safford, Jr.”  Illustration of the 9-year-old Royalton, Vt., mathematical prodigy at work, front cover.  Quite scarce.  Condition: good.

329.  Sage, Sylvester.  A SERMON . . . AT WESTMINSTER, ON THE DAY OF ANNIVERSARY ELECTION, OCTOBER 13TH, 1803 (Windsor, 1803).  8vo, 31 pp.  McCorison #697.  Condition: good.

330.  (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.).  R. L. Allen, AN ANALYSIS OF THE PRINCIPAL MINERAL FOUNTAINS AT SARATOGA SPRINGS (New York, 1858).  24mo, 113 (1) pp., plates.  With: John L. Perry, AN ANALYSIS OF THE CONGRESS SPRING, WITH PRACTICAL REMARKS ON ITS MEDICAL PROPERTIES (New York, 1860).  24mo, 34 (1) pp., front.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: both good.

331.  [Scott, Winfield].  THE INFANTRY EXERCISE OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY, ABRIDGED FOR THE USE OF THE MILITIA (Montpelier, 1820).  16mo, 107 pp., 9 plates.  McCorison #2231.  Condition: good.

332.  (Shaftsbury Association).  MINUTES OF THE SHAFTSBURY ASSOCIATION, AT THEIR ANNUAL CONVENTION, HELD IN ADAMS, M,DCC, XC (Bennington, 1790).  8vo, 16 pp.  McCorison #175, only 2 locations.  Condition: good.

333.  Shepherd, Sylvanus.  THE NATURAL LETTER WRITER: DIVIDED INTO FIVE CHAPTERS (n.p. [Montpelier?], 1812).  24mo, 94 pp.  McCorison #1531, only 1 location.  Author identified on t.p. as Sylvanus “Shepard.”  Quite rare.  Condition: lacks front wrap; otherwise sound, good.

334.  Shuttlesworth, Samuel.  A DISCOURSE . . . AT WINDSOR, OCTOBER 13, 1791, BEING THE DAY OF GENERAL ELECTION (Windsor, 1792).  8vo, 16 pp.  McCorison #234.  Condition: good.

335.  [Simmons, Amelia].  AMERICAN COOKERY: OR, THE ART OF DRESSING VIANDS, FISH, POULTRY, AND VEGETABLES (Brattleboro, 1814).  24mo, iv (5)-69 pp.  McCorison #1659, only 4 locations.  “Adapted to this country and all grades of life.”  Condition: new ? calf ? boards; good.

336.  Slade, William, Jr., comp.  VERMONT STATE PAPERS (Middlebury, 1823).  8vo, full orig. calf, 567 (1) pp.  “Being a collection of records and documents, connected with the assumption and establishment of government by the people of Vermont.”  Condition: good.

337.  Slawson, George C. et al.  THE POSTAL HISTORY OF VERMONT (New York, 1969).  8vo, 308 pp., photos.  Essential source on Vermont philatelic history.  Condition: very good.

338.  Smith, Ebenezer.  A VINDICATION OR DEFENCE FOR AGITATION IN EIGHT YEARS CRUEL CONTEST BY THE VOLUNTEER FOR THE GOOD LAWS OF HIS COUNTRY ([Brattleboro?  1817?]).  8vo, 46 pp.  McCorison #1954, only 1 location.  Running title only.  Eight-year legal dispute over a $42 debt.  Condition: untrimmed; bottom edge rough on the first 3 leaves, not approaching text; first leaf browned; fair.

Smith et al. 1766 “Four Dissertations”

339.  [Smith, William, et al.].  FOUR DISSERTATIONS, ON THE RECIPROCAL ADVANTAGES OF A PERPETUAL UNION BETWEEN GREAT-BRITAIN AND HER AMERICAN COLONIES (Philadelphia, 1766).  8vo, viii 112 pp.  Howes S-691.  Rare.  Condition: disbound; light water-staining to first 5 leaves; otherwise good.

340.  [Smyth, Alexander].  REGULATIONS FOR THE FIELD EXERCISE, MANOEUVRES, AND CONDUCT OF THE INFANTRY OF THE UNITED STATES (Philadelphia, 1812).  8vo, orig. full calf, 225 pp., 34 folding plates.  Condition: good.

341.  [Somers, John Somers?].  THE JUDGMENT OF WHOLE KINGDOMS AND NATIONS, CONCERNING THE RIGHTS, POWER, AND PREROGATIVE OF KINGS, AND . . . OF THE PEOPLE (Newport, 1774).  8vo, 156 pp.  Evans 13631.  Attributed on t.p. to “Lord Sommers,” also attributed by others to Daniel Defoe and John Dunton.  Condition: disbound; good.

342.  [Somers Mutiny, 1842).  PROCEEDINGS OF THE COURT OF INQUIRY . . . MUTINY ON BOARD THE UNITED STATES BRIG OF WAR SOMERS (New York, 1843).  8vo, printed decorated wraps, 48 pp., front. port., 2 plans of ship decks.  “With a full account of the execution of Spencer, Cromwell and Small, on board said vessel.” Condition: good.

343.  Spargo, John.  ANTHONY HASWELL: PRINTER-PATRIOT-BALLADEER (Rutland, 1925).  4to, xv 293 pp., 35 plates. t.e.g.  Edition limited to 300 copies.  Condition: modern black cloth binding; good.

344.  -----.  THE POTTERS AND POTTERIES OF BENNINGTON (Boston, 1926).  4to, 270 pp., color front., b/w ? color plates, printed dust wrapper.  Edition limited to 800 copies.  Condition: wrapper worn/torn; book good.

345.  -----.  THE STARS AND STRIPES IN 1777 (Bennington, 1928).  4to, in ? fine green morocco, 57 pp., photos.  “An Account of the Birth of the Flag and Its First Baptism of Victorious Fire.”  Presentation copy from the author, front flyleaf.  Condition: fine.

346.  Stanly, Edward ? Park, Trenor W.  ARGUMENTS . . . AT THE TRIAL OF ALFRED A. COHEN ON A CHARGE OF EMBEZZLEMENT, IN THE CASE OF ADAMS ? CO. . . .VS. ALFRED A. COHEN (San Francisco, 1856).  8vo, printed wraps, 88 pp.  Condition: good.

347.  Steele, Zadock.  THE INDIAN CAPTIVE; OR A NARRATIVE OF THE CAPTIVITY AND SUFFERINGS OF ZADOCK STEELE (Montpelier, 1818).  12mo, 142 (2) pp.  McCorison #2045.  Howes S-930.  “To which is prefixed an account of the burning of Royalton” [in 1780].  Condition: good.

348.  Steuben, Friedrich W. L. G.  REGULATIONS FOR THE ORDER AND DISCIPLINE OF THE TROOPS OF THE UNITED STATES (Bennington, 1809).  8vo, 105 (1) pp., 8 folded plates.  McCorison #1105, only 4 locations.  Condition: 2 plates damaged; text ? remaining plates good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

349.  -----.  THE SOLDIER’S MONITOR: BEING A SYSTEM OF DISCIPLINE FOR THE USE OF THE INFANTRY OF THE UNITED STATES (Rutland, 1814).  12mo, modern ? calf, 119 (1) pp.  McCorison #1662, only 5 locations.  Condition: some waterstaining; contents good.

350.  Stevens, Henry, Jr.  BIBLIOTHECA HISTORICA (Boston, 1870).  8vo, xv (1) 234 pp., printed wraps.  Gilman p. 265.  Auction catalogue of 5,000 Americana items, “including many titles never before recorded in an American catalogue.”  Condition: spine chipped; otherwise good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

351.  -----.  HISTORICAL NUGGETS: BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA OR A DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT OF MY COLLECTION OF RARE BOOKS RELATING TO AMERICA (London, 1862).  12mo, 2 vols., 804 total pp.  Printed by the Chiswick Press.  Remarkable catalogue of Americana for sale.  Condition: new spines; untrimmed; good.

352.  Sturtevant, Ralph O.  ? Marsh, Carmi L.  PICTORIAL HISTORY THIRTEENTH REGIMENT VERMONT VOLUNTEERS, WAR OF 1861-1865 (n.p., 1910).  4to, 897 pp., illus.  Has 1911 Supplement (pp. 865-97) laid in.  Condition: main volume slightly loose; both good.

353.  [Swaim, William].  A TREATISE ON SWAIM’S PANACEA (Philadelphia, 1825).  12mo, xviii 161 pp.  “Being a recent discovery for the cure of scrofula or king’s evil, mercurial disease, deep-seated syphilis, rheumatism, and all disorders arising from a contaminated and impure state of the blood.”  With 1826 broadside, “Swaim’s Vermifuge,” laid in at back, 23 x 18.5cm.  Condition: both good.

354.  Swift, Samuel.  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF MIDDLEBURY, IN THE COUNTY OF ADDISON, VERMONT (Middlebury, 1859).  8vo, 444, ports.  The best of the early Vermont town histories.  Condition: good.

355.  Taft, Alphonso.  AN ORATION ON THE LIFE AND PUBLIC SERVICES OF DANIEL WEBSTER (Cincinnati, 1853).  8vo, printed wraps, 84 pp., front. port.  Presentation copy from the author, front wrap.  Condition: good.

356.  (Temperance, 1852).  AN ACT TO PREVENT TRAFFIC IN INTOXICATING LIQUORS FOR THE PURPOSE OF DRINKING ([Montpelier, 1852]).  4to, 16 pp.  Vermont Senate Bill No. 34, November 1852.  Extensive ms. corrections/editing in pencil.  Condition: good.

357.  (Third House Journal).  THIRD HOUSE JOURNAL (Montpelier, 1850).  Vol. 1, #1-6.  Spoof of the Vermont legislature, by an irreverent group of lobbyists and lawyers; each issue a single sheet.  Includes minutes of committees on Additional Taxes, Log Rolling, Harmless Mischief, Useless Information, etc.; proposal for carving side judges out of basswood, charter of the Moosalamoo Bank and other promising initiatives.  The Third House disbanded when Vermont’s legislators tired of the joke at their expense.  Condition: some bottom edges rough; #6 separated at center fold line; otherwise all good.

D. P. Thompson’s 1835 Anti-Masonic Novel

358.  [Thompson, Daniel P.].  THE ADVENTURES OF TIMOTHY PEACOCK, ESQUIRE, OR FREEMASONRY PRACTICALLY ILLUSTRATED (Middlebury, 1835).  8vo, 218 pp.  Anti-Masonic novel, and Thompson’s first book.  Quite scarce.  Condition: good.

First Edition of Thompson’s “Green Mountain Boys”

359.  [-----].  THE GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS: A HISTORICAL TALE OF THE EARLY SETTLEMENT OF VERMONT (Montpelier, 1839).  12mo, orig. boards, 2 vols., 246 ? 290 pp.  Rare.  Condition: some cover wear, paper spine labels chipped; good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-cases.

360.  [-----].  THE GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS (London, 1840).  8vo, wraps, 133 pp.  Condition: good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

361.  -----.  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF MONTPELIER (Montpelier, 1860).  8vo, 312 pp., front. port.  Howes T-190.  Condition: spine sunned; good.

362.  -----.  LUCY HOSMER, OR THE GUARDIAN AND THE GHOST; A TALE OF AVARICE AND CRIME DEFEATED (Burlington, 1848).  8vo, green printed wraps, 88 pp.  Condition: good.

363.  -----.  MAY MARTIN: OR THE MONEY DIGGERS (Montpelier, 1835).  24mo, 231 pp., fine late 19th-cent. ? green morocco binding.  Hall Park McCullough bookplate inside front cover.  Condition: very good.

364.  -----.  THE SHAKER LOVERS, AND OTHER TALES (Burlington, 1848).  8vo, in 20th-cent. buckram, 82 pp.  Includes “Ethan Allen and the Lost Children,” “A Vermonter in a Fix,” and “The Bravo Husband.”  Condition: small margin loss p. 35, not affecting text; lacks blue printed wraps; good.

365.  Thompson, Zadock.  A GAZETTEER OF THE STATE OF VERMONT (Montpelier, 1824).  12mo, 310 (2) pp., folding front. map, 3 plates.  Howes T-207.  Condition: good.

366.  -----, ed.  THE GREEN MOUNTAIN REPOSITORY; FOR THE YEAR 1832 (Burlington, 1832).  12mo, 284 pp.  Condition: light foxing; good.

367.  -----.  A GUIDE TO LAKE GEORGE, LAKE CHAMPLAIN, MOTREAL AND QUEBEC (Burlington, 1845).  24mo, 48 pp., folding front. map.  With: NORTHERN GUIDE.  LAKE GEORGE, LAKE CHAMPLAIN, MONTREAL AND QUEBEC, GREEN AND WHITE MOUNTAINS, AND WILLOUGHBY LAKE (Burlington, 1757).  16mo, 45 pp., front. map.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: both good.

368.  -----.  HISTORY OF VERMONT, NATURAL, CIVIL, AND STATISTICAL (Burlington, 1853).  8vo, 224 224 200 (4) pp., folding map.  Howes T-209.  With 1853 Appendix, 63 (1) pp. bound in.  Condition: good.

369.  -----.  THE YOUTH’S ASSISTANT IN PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC (Woodstock, 1825).  8vo, 160 pp.  First edition.  With: Another copy (Woodstock, 1826).  8vo, 164 pp.  “Second edition, with corrections and additions.”  Two volumes.  Condition: edge of back cover worn on 1825 volume, otherwise good; paper off boards on 1826 volume, contents good.

370.  Thomson, Samuel.  NEW GUIDE TO HEALTH; OR BOTANIC FAMILY PHYSICIAN (Montpelier, 1851).  16mo, 122 pp.  “With a description of the vegetables made use of, and directions for preparing and administering them to cure disease.  Condition: good.

371.  (Three Letters).  THREE LETTERS, ADDRESSED TO THE PUBLIC (Philadelphia, 1783).  8vo, 28 pp.  Howes T-244.  On the nature of the federal union, civil and military powers, and public debt.  Condition: disbound some ink scratches bottom 1/3 of t.p. ? first page; good.

372.  Tilton, James.  ECONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS ON MILITARY HOSPITALS; AND THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF DISEASES INCIDENT TO AN ARMY (Wilmington, 1813).  12mo, 64 pp.  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; good.

373.  Trott, Nicholas.  THE LAWS OF THE BRITISH PLANTATIONS IN AMERICA RELATING TO THE CHURCH AND THE CLERGY, RELIGION AND LEARNING (London, 1721).  Folio, 435 pp.  Condition: lacks front cover, back cover detached but present; top right corner 1” of t.p. missing, not affecting text; last leaf worn and pp. 419-22 detached but present; needs professional rebinding ? repair, but contents complete.

374.  Tucker, Nathaniel B.  THE PARTISAN LEADER (New York, 1861).  8vo, 2 vols. in l, xv 392 (2) pp., 2nd t.p. ascribing work to Edward W. Sidney.  Howes T-394.  Prophetic foretelling of Civil War, written in the 1830s.  Condition: good.

375.  Tucker, William H.  HISTORY OF HARTFORD, VERMONT (Burlington, 1889).  8vo, 488 pp., ports.  Bassett 4350.  Condition: good.

376.  [Tyler, Royall].  THE ALGERINE CAPTIVE; OR, THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF DOCTOR UPDIKE UNDERILL, SIX YEARS A PRISONER AMONG THE ALGERINES (Hartford, 1816).  24mo, 252 pp.  Condition: good; in Cuthbert ? Cuthbert tray-case.

1790 First Edition of Tyler’s “The Contrast”

377.  [-----].  THE CONTRAST, A COMEDY, IN FIVE ACTS (Philadelphia, 1790).  8vo, vii, list of subscribers, cast, (3) 79 pp., frontis. First edition of the first American play to be performed on stage by a professional company.  Quite rare.  Condition: frontis. is a high-quality ms. facsimile, on old paper; original boards, early 20th-cent. leather spine; boards worn, contents good.

378.  -----.  REPORTS OF CASE ARGUED AND DETERMINED IN THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE OF THE STATE OF VERMONT (New York, 1809-10).  8vo, orig. full calf, 2 vols., 496 ? 488 pp.  Condition: good.

379.  [-----].  THE YANKEY IN LONDON (New York, 1809).  12mo, 180 pp.  “A series of letters written by an American youth, during nine months’ residence in the city of London,” interesting fiction by Vermont’s noted early author (who never traveled to London).  With Hall Park McCullough bookplate inside front cover.  “Volume I” on t.p., but all published.  Rare.  Condition: some exterior wear to orig. boards; contents good.

380.  (United States—Constitutional Convention).  JOURNAL, ACTS AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE CONVENTION . . . WHICH FORMED THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES  (Boston, 1819).  8vo, orig. full calf, 510 pp.  Condition: good.

381.  (-----Continental Congress).  RULES AND ARTICLES FOR THE BETTER GOVERNMENT OF THE TROOPS . . . UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Philadelphia, 1776).  8vo, 36 pp.  Evans 15187.   Condition: disbound; good.

382.  (-----War Department).  RULES ? ARTICLES OF WAR; WITH THE DIFFERENT ACTS OF CONGRESS ON MILITARY AFFAIRS (Burlington, 1813).  8vo, 151 pp.  McCorison #1541.  Has 2 pp. of national 1814 laws on military pasted in at back.  Condition: good.

383.  Vail, Henry H.  POMFRET, VERMONT ([Boston, 1930]).  8vo, 2 vols., x 687 total pp., 2 folding maps, ports., illus.  Condition: good.

384.  Varnum, James M.  THE CASE, TREVETT AGAINST WEEDEN: ON INFORMATION AND COMPLAINT, FOR REFUSING PAPER BILLS IN PAYMENT FOR BUTCHER’S MEAT, IN MARKET, AT PAR WITH SPECIE (Providence, 1787).  8vo, 60 pp.  “Wherein the Rights of the People to Trial by Jury, ?c. are stated and maintained.”  Condition:  disbound; good.

385.  (Vermont—Acts ? Laws, 1786).  ACTS AND LAWS PASSED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY . . . OCTOBER, 1786 ([Windsor, 1786]).  4to, 20 pp.  McCorison #126, only 3 locations.  Running title only.  Condition: untrimmed; right edge rough, not affecting text; good.

386.  (-----, 1789).  ACTS AND LAWS . . . OCTOBER, 1789 ([Windsor, 1790]).  4to, 19 pp.  McCorison #185.  Running title only.  Condition: untrimmed; last two leaves have 10cm tear at bottom, not affecting text; fair.

387.  (-----, 1790).  ACTS AND LAWS . . . OCTOBER, 1790 ([Windsor, 1790]).  4to, 11 pp.  McCorison #186.  Running title only.  Condition: paper browned; good.

388.  (-----Adjutant ? Inspector General).  REPORT OF THE ADJUTANT ? INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE STATE OF VERMONT (Montpelier, 1864-65).  8vo, 2 vols., 663 61 (1) ? 762 pp.  Two volumes, 1864 and 1865 Reports.  Condition: both good.

389.  (Vermont Bible Society, 1813).  FIRST REPORT OF THE VERMONT BIBLE SOCIETY (Montpelier, 1813).  8vo, 10 (1) pp.  McCorison #1552, not located.  Quite rare.  Condition: good.

1778 ? 1793 Vermont State Constitutions

390.  (Vermont—Constitution, 1778).  THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF VERMONT (Hartford, [1778]).  8vo, 24 pp.   With Hall Park McCullough bookplate and custom-made Sangorski ? Sutcliffe tray-case.  Vermont’s first constitution, very rare.  Condition: untrimmed; good.

391.  (-----, 1793).  THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF VERMONT (Windsor, 1793).  8vo, 29 pp.  McCorison #279.  Quite scarce.  Condition: untrimmed; disbound; good.

392.  (Vermont—Council of Censors, 1800).  ADDRESS OF THE COUNCIL OF CENSORS, TO THE PEOPLE OF VERMONT (Bennington, 1800).  8vo, 32 pp.  Condition: library binding, Harvard University bookplate inside front cover; good.

393.  (-----, 1806).  AN ADDRESS OF THE COUNCIL OF CENSORS . . . TO THE PEOPLE OF VERMONT (Bennington, 1807).  8vo, 12 pp.  McCorison #952.  Condition: good.

394.  (Vermont—General Assembly, 1789).  A JOURNAL OF THE . . . GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF VERMONT . . . OCTOBER, 1789 (Windsor, 1790).  4to, 67 pp.  McCorison #183, only 4 locations.  Condition: modern green cloth; top and bottom of t.p. missing, into “Journal” at top and printer below; contents sound, good.

395.  (-----, 1791).  A JOURNAL OF THE . . . GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF VERMONT . . . JANUARY, 1791 (Bennington, 1791).  8vo, 85 pp., orig. boards.  McCorison #208.  Condition: good.

396.  (-----, 1791).  A JOURNAL OF THE . . . GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF VERMONT . . . OCTOBER 13TH, 1791 (Windsor, [1792]).  8vo, 49 pp.  McCorison #238.  Condition: some mildew wear top of last 2 leaves, not affecting text; otherwise good.

397.  (-----, 1792).  A JOURNAL OF THE . . . GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF VERMONT . . . OCTOBER, 1792 (Rutland, [1793]).  8vo, 118 pp., orig. boards.  McCorison #280, only 4 locations.  Condition: good.


399.  (Vermont Intelligencer).  VERMONT INTELLIGENCER ? BELLOWS FALLS ADVERTISER (Bellows Falls, 1817-1818).  Folio, orig. boards, 2 vols., Vol. 1, # 1-52 (Jan. 1-Dec. 22, 1817) ? Vol. 2, #1-52 (Dec. 29, 1817-Dec. 21, 1818).  104 newspaper issues in all, each 4 pp.  Condition: good.

400.  (Vermont—Statutes, 1787).  STATUTES OF THE STATE OF VERMONT, PASSED BY THE LEGISLATURE IN FEBRUARY AND MARCH 1787 (Windsor, 1787).  4to, 171 pp.  McCorison #136.  Condition: second “t” in “Statutes” crossed out on t.p.; good.

401.  (-----, 1791).  STATUTES OF THE STATE OF VERMONT, REVISED AND ESTABLISHED BY AUTHORITY (Bennington, 1791).  8vo, 315 (5) pp.  McCorison #211.  Condition: bottom of leather spine chipped; otherwise good.

402.  (-----, 1808-17).  THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF VERMONT, DIGESTED AND COMPILED (Randolph, 1808-17).  8vo, orig. full calf, 3 vols., 336-551 pp.  McCorison #s 1042 and 1968.  Condition: good; nice set.

403.  Verplanck, Gulian C.  A LETTER TO COL. WILLIAM DRAYTON . . . IN ASSERTION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL POWER OF CONGRESS TO IMPOSE PROTECTING DUTIES (New York, 1831).  8vo, 31 pp.  Condition: disbound; light water-staining; good.

404.  Walker, Aldace F.  THE VERMONT BRIGADE IN THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY.  1864 (Burlington, 1869).  8vo, 191 pp., maps.  Gilman p. 317.  Author was Lieut. Col.. of the 11th Vermont.  Condition: good.

405.  (War of 1812).  PROCEEDINGS OF A CONVENTION OF DELEGATES FROM THE COUNTIES OF HAMPSHIRE, FRANKLIN, AND HAMPDEN, HOLDEN AT NORTHAMPTON THE 14TH AND 15TH OF JULY, 1812 (Northampton, 1812).  8vo, 14 pp.  Asking U.S. to  negotiate peace with England.  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; light water-spotting; fair.

406.  Washburn, Emory.  SPEECH . . . ON THE BILL TO AID THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE WESTERN RAIL ROAD (Springfield, 1838).  8vo, 30 pp.  Condition: disbound; good.

407.  (Washington County, Vt.).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, VT. 1783-1889 (Syracuse, 1889).  8vo, 544 280 pp., folding map, ports.  Condition: top ? bottom of spine chipped; otherwise sound, good.

408.  (-----).  Abby M. Hemenway, editor.  THE HISTORY OF WASHINGTON COUNTY IN THE VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER (Montpelier, 1882).  4to, 932 pp., black cloth.  Washington County material from Volume 4 of Hemenway’s Gazetteer, issued separately.  Condition: good.

409.  Webster, Daniel.  DISCOURSE, DELIVERED AT PLYMOUTH, DECEMBER 22, 1820 (Boston, 1821).  8vo, 55 (1) pp.  “In commemoration of the first settlement of New-England.”  With: AN ADDRESS DELIVERED AT THE LAYING OF THE CORNER STONE OF THE BUNKER HILL MONUMENT (Boston, 1825).  8vo, 49 pp.  Two titles, two volumes.  Condition: both disbound; both good.

410.  (Webster, John W., defendant).  TRIAL PROFESSOR JOHN W. WEBSTER, FOR THE MURDER OF DOCTOR GEORGE PARKMAN (New York, 1850).  8vo, printed wraps, 76 pp., illus., Webster port. front wrap, Parkman inside rear wrap.  With 2 pp. of ms. notes on the trial laid in.  Condition: untrimmed; front wrap detached, present; good.

411.  Webster, Noah.  SKETCHES OF AMERICAN POLICY (Hartford, 1785).  8vo, 48 pp.  Howes W-207.  Condition: disbound; trimmed tight on outside edge; good.

412.  [Webster, Pelatiah].  A SIXTH ESSAY ON FREE TRADE AND FINANCE (Philadelphia, 1783).  8vo, 32 pp.  Evans 18301.  Condition: disbound; untrimmed; good.

413.  Weeks, John M.  HISTORY OF SALISBURY, VERMONT (Middlebury, 1860).  12mo, 362 pp., ports.  Condition: top of backstrip chipped; otherwise good.

414.  Wellington, M. G.  SYNOPSIS OF PHRENOLOGY (Portland, 1845).  8vo, 15 pp., 1 plate of phrenological regions on the human head.  Condition: good.

415.  Wells, Frederic P.  HISTORY OF NEWBURY, VERMONT (St. Johnsbury, 1902).  4to, xiv 779 pp., 3 folding maps, illus., t.e.g.  One of the best early Vermont town histories.  Condition: good.

416.  Wesselhoeft, Robert ? Grau, William.  A SECOND REPORT OF THE BRATTLEBORO HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT (Brattleboro, 1849).  4to, printed wraps, 96 pp., front. map of Brattleboro vicinity, engraved view.  Gilman p. 39.  “A systematical view of 392 cases treated there in the year 1848.”  Condition: good.

417.  [Whipple, Oliver].  NINE LETTERS, PARTICULARLY ADDRESSED TO THE PEOPLE OF THE REVOLTING SPANISH PROVINCES OF THE CARACCAS, AND TO OTHER SPANISH PROVINCES IN NORTH AND SOUTH-AMERICA (Baltimore, 1811).  8vo, 27 pp. “By Don Augusto Revilo Elppihw.”  Two ms. notes on t.p., one indicating receipt from “Sen. Miranda,” the other noting same letters distributed in Spanish throughout South America.  Condition: good.

418.  White, Pliny H.  A HISTORY OF COVENTRY, ORLEANS COUNTY, VERMONT (Irasburg, 1859).  8vo, printed wraps, 61 vii pp.  Gilman p. 330.  Presentation copy from the author, front wrap.  Condition: good.

419.  Whiting, Samuel.  A DISCOURSE . . . AT WINDSOR, OCTOBER XII, MDCCXCVII, BEING THE DAY OF GENERAL ELECTION (Rutland, 1797).  12mo, 23 pp.  McCorison #468.  Condition: ex-library, stamp on t.p. verso; good.

420.  Whittier, John G.  THE SONG OF THE VERMONTERS 1779 (Hanover, 1956).  8vo, green printed wraps, 9 pp.  First imprint of Marcus A. McCorison’s Pine Tree Press, hand-set and hand-printed by him at Dartmouth College; #28 of an edition of 50 copies, signed by McCorison.  Includes account of Whittier’s anonymous 1830s poem being mistaken for a 1770s Vermont original for many years.  Condition: fine.

421.  Wilbur, La Fayette.  EARLY HISTORY OF VERMONT (Jericho, 1899-1902).  8vo, 4 vols., 362-462 pp.  Vol. 3 a presentation copy from author.  Condition: slightly shaken; good.

422.  Willard, Henry K.  A MEMORIAL TO HENRY AUGUSTUS WILLARD AND SARAH BRADLEY WILLARD (no place, 1925).  4to, 376 pp., ports., illus.  Family history of the Stephen R. Bradley, William C. Bradley, Mark Rich, and Henry A. Willard lines.  Scarce.  Condition: good.

423.  Willard, Samuel.  DEERFIELD COLLECTION OF SACRED MUSIC (Greenfield, 1814).  Oblong 8vo, orig. boards, xvii 144 pp.  Condition: good.

424.  [Williams, Andrew].  A DESCRIPTIVE AND HISTORICAL GUIDE TO THE VALLEY OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN AND THE ADIRONDACKS (Burlington, 1871).  8vo, orig. orange decorated cloth, 144 (3) pp., frontis., illus., ads.  Condition: good.

425.  Williams, John C.  LIFE IN CAMP: A HISTORY OF THE NINE MONTHS’ SERVICE OF THE FOURTEENTH VERMONT REGIMENT (Claremont, 1864).  16mo, 167 (1) pp.  Gilman p. 333.  Condition: some cover spotting; good.

First Published History of Vermont, 1794 ? 1809 Editions

426.  Williams, Samuel.  THE NATURAL AND CIVIL HISTORY OF VERMONT (Walpole, 1794).  8vo, 416 pp., folding front. map.  First edition.  Howes W-478.  The first published history of Vermont, and an influential work.  Condition: new front flyleaf; otherwise sound, good.

427.  -----.  ----- (Burllington, 1809).  8vo, 2 vols., 514 ? 487 pp., folding front. map.  McCorison #1130.  Howes W-478.  “The second edition, corrected and much enlarged.”  Condition: owner’s name stamped top of Vol. 2 t.p,; some light foxing; good.

428.  [-----].  SKETCHES OF THE WAR, BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND THE BRITISH ISLES (Rutland, 1815).  8vo, orig. full calf, 496 pp.  McCorison #1801.  Condition: lacks front flyleaf; good.

429.  [Williams, Wendell W.].  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF ROCHESTER, VT. (Montpelier, 1869).  12mo, iv 92 pp.  Gilman p. 234.  Scarce.  Condition: good.

430.  (Wilson, John).  CONFESSION OF MICHAEL MARTIN, OR CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT . . . ALSO, AN ACCOUNT OF DR. JOHN WILSON, WHO RECENTLY DIED AT BRATTLEBORO’, VT., BELIEVED BY MANY TO BE THE NOTORIOUS CAPTAIN THUNDERBOLT (Brattleboro, 1847).  8vo, printed wraps, 30 12 pp., port. of Wilson/Thunderbolt.  Condition: fair to good.

431.  (Windham County, Vt.).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF WINDHAM COUNTY, VT., 1724-1884 (Syracuse, 1884).  8vo, 624 pp., folding map, ports.  Condition: spine relaid; good.

432.  (Windsor County, Vt.).  A MEMORIAL TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES, ADOPTED BY A MEETING OF THE CITIZENS OF WINDSOR COUNTY, VT. HELD AT WOODSTOCK, JAN. 22, 1833 (Woodstock, 1833).  8vo, 20 pp.  Against the reduction of the tariff.  Condition: good.

433.  (-----).  Lewis C. Aldrich ? Frank R. Holmes, eds., HITORY OF WINDSOR COUNTY, VERMONT (Syracuse, 1891).  4to, 1005 pp., ports., a.e.g.  Condition: front cover detached, present; contents sound, good.

434.  (-----).  Hamilton Child, comp., GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF WINDSOR COUNTY, VT., FOR 1883-84 (Syracuse, 1884).  8vo, 666 pp., folding map.  Condition: bottom of spine rough; otherwise sound, good.

Wiskonsan Forms a Legislature, 1842

435.  (Wisconsin, 1842).  COMMUNICATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF WISKONSAN . . . TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES (Madison, 1842).  8vo, 8 pp.  “In relation to the right of the legislature to hold a session on the first Monday in December, 1842.”  Condition: bottom right corner of last leaf clipped, not affecting text; good.

436.  (Wisconsin Central Railroad Company, 1857).  FOURTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE WISCONSIN CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY, FEBRUARY 4TH, 1857 (Elkhorn, [1857]).  8vo, green printed wraps, 28 pp.  Condition: good.

437.  [Woodworth, John].  THE BATTLE OF PLATTSBURGH: A POEM, IN THREE CANTOS (Montpelier, 1819).  12mo,  iv 46 pp., orig. blue wraps.  McCorison #2170.  Patriotic poem on Macdonough’s famous 1814 victory, “by an American youth.”  Condition: good.

438.  [Worcester, Noah].  A SOLEMN REVIEW OF THE CUSTOM OF WAR (Hartford, 1815).  8vo, 23 pp.  “Showing that war is the effect of popular delusion, and proposing a remedy.”  Condition: disbound; good.

439.  Wright, Stephen.  HISTORY OF THE SHAFTSBURY BAPTIST ASSOCIATION, FROM 1781 TO 1853 (Troy, 1853).  12mo, 464 pp.  Bassett #2372.  Condition: top of spine chipped; good.

440.  Zimmerman, Johann G.  STRICTURES ON NATIONAL PRIDE (Philadelphia, 1778).  8vo, orig. full calf, viii 274 (6) pp.  Evans 16176.  Condition: some water-staining; good.

End of Sale



 This auction is conducted by William L. Parkinson, Books, P.O. Box 40, Hinesburg, Vermont 05461 (“Auctioneers”), upon the following terms and conditions, subject to amendment by notice or oral announcement at the sale:

1.  All bids are to be made per lot as numbered in the catalogue.

3.  All property is sold “AS IS.”  The purpose of the catalogue descriptions is to provide a general listing and account of physical condition for each item, and neither the Auctioneers nor their employees make any warranties or representations of any kind with respect to the items or their value.  Bidders should personally inspect items to determine age, origin, possible errors in cataloguing, and condition.  All sales are final; no returns.

3.  The Auctioneers reserve the right to withdraw any property at any time before its actual final sale, including during the bidding, and to refuse any bid from any bidder.

4.  The minimum bid for lots in this auction is $20.00.

5.  Bidding increments for this sale will be as follows: between $20 and $250 bids, increments of $10; $250-500 bids, increments of $25; $500-1,000, increments of $50; $1,000-2,500 bids, increments of $100; $2,500-5,000, increments of $250; beyond $5,000, increments of $500.  Absentee bidders should keep these increments in mind in placing bids.  An absentee bid of $105 will be placed at $100, and so on.

6.  There is no buyer’s premium.

7.  The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneers shall be the purchaser.  In the event of any dispute between bidders, the Auctioneers shall have absolute discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer the lot in dispute.  If the dispute arises after the sale, the Auctioneers’ sales records shall be conclusive as to the purchaser, amount of highest bid, and in all other respects.

8.  Payment may be made by cash, traveler’s checks, or approved personal check.

9.  Unless exempted by law from payment thereof, the purchaser will be required to pay the 6% Vermont state sales tax.

10.  Absentee bids accepted.  The Auctioneers or the auction staff shall execute bids for persons unable to attend the sale.  Absentee bids should be submitted on the bid sheet on pages 50 and 51 of this catalogue, or on a photocopy thereof.  We may not be able to process absentee bids received after 5:00 p.m., November 4, 2004.

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