Saturday, April 28, 2018

10:00 a.m.

Holiday Inn, 1068 Williston Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403

This catalogued sale will feature an interesting range of antiquarian books, pamphlets, broadsides, prints, ephemera, and maps, with strengths in Americana, Vermontiana, the Civil War, travel, books on books, and railroads.   

Individual lots include:

AmericanaJohn S. C. Abbott, South and North (1860); W. D. Alexander, A Brief Account of the Hawaiian Government Survey (1889); A. J. Allen, comp., Ten Years in Oregon.  Travels and Adventures of Dr. E. White and Lady, West of the Rocky Mountains (1850); G. H. Atkinson, Address . . . Resources of Oregon and the Northwest Coast, Including Some Remarks on Alaska (1868); John S. Barry, The History of Masssachusetts (1855-57), 3 vols.; Harris H. Beecher, Record of the 114th Regiment N.Y.S.V. (1866); John Bigelow, France and the Confederate Navy 1862-1868 (1888); John D. Billings, The History of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery of Light Artillery (1909); T. D. Bonner, Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth (1856); S. M. Bowman & R. B. Irwin, Sherman and His Campaigns (1865); F. W. Butler, The Wild North Land (1874); The Resources of California (1888); William W. Callender, Annals of Tryon County (1880); Robert V. Carr, Black Hills Ballads (1902); Howard I. Chappelle, The History of the American Sailing Navy (1949); Samuel H. Chester, Pioneer Days in Arkansas (1927); Lucius E. Chittenden, Recollections of President Lincoln and His Administration (1891); Mary Clark, Biographical Sketches of the Fathers of New England (1836); George E. Cole, Early Oregon (1905); William C. Conant, Narrative of Remarkable Conversions and Revival Incidents (1858); Confederate States of America bonds; Leo Crane, Indians of the Enchanted Desert (1925); William M. Darlington, ed., Christopher Gist’s Journals (1893); C. C. Davis & W. A. Alderson, The True Story of “Ramona” (1914); Frederick Douglass, My Bondage and My Freedom (1855); Francis S. Drake, The Town of Roxbury (1905); Lyman C. Draper, Madison, the Capital of Wisconsin (1857); Bela Estavan, Pictures from the South (1863); Albert Gallatin, Report . . . upon the Subject of Public Roads and Canals (1808); General Land Office, Circular . . . Manner of Proceeding to Obtain Title to Public Lands (1867); W. H. Gocher, Fasig’s Tales of the Turf (1903); Messages of Gen. Andrew Jackson (1837); [Thomas Jefferson], Rules for Conducting Business in the Senate of the United States (1801); Mary C. Jones, Lantern Slides (1937); J. B. Kerfoot, American Pewter (1924); Charles F. Lummis, A Tramp Across the Continent (1892); Brantz Mayer, Captain Canot; Or, Twenty Years of an African Slaver (1854); A. Mott & M. S. Wood, Narratives of Colored Americans (1882); John Muir, Travels in Alaska (1915); George W. Nichols, The Great March (1865); George H. Putnam, A Prisoner of War in Virginia 1864-65 (1912); Albert D. Richardson, The Secret Service, the Field, the Dungeon, and the Escape (1865); John W. Rogers, Finding Literature on the Texas Plains (1931); Marah E. Ryan, Indian Love Letters (1907); Montgomery Schuyler, Westward the Course of Empire (1906); Frank H. Severance, Old Trails on the Niagara Frontier (1899); Philip H. Sheridan, Personal Memoirs (1888), 2 vols.; J. T. Sprague, The Treachery in Texas (1862); Edward Stanly, A Military Government Among Abolitionists (1865); H. K. Stimson, From the Stage Coach to the Pulpit (1874); George Thompson, Prison Life and Reflections (1855); John Titus, Adirondack Pioneers (1899); R. J. Walker & A. Davies, An Outline of the Empire of the West (1852); Sylvester Waterhouse, The Resources of Missouri (1867); Julia S. Wheelock, The Boys in White (1870); J. L. Worden et al., The Monitor and the Merrimac (1912). 

Miscellaneous [Arthur S. Allen, Jr.], Under Sail to Greenland (1931); Isabel Anderson, A Yacht in the Mediterranean Seas (1930), signed; Honoré Balzac, The Girl with the Golden Eyes (1929); Kuut B. Birkland, The Whales of Atukan (1926); Oliver Brackett, Thomas Chippendale (1925); Annie A. Brassey, Sunshine and Storm in the East: Or Cruises to Cyprus and Constantinople (1880); Richard E. Byrd, Alone (1938), signed; J. E. Chambliss, The Life and Labors of David Livingstone (1875); Francis J. Child, A Scholar’s Letters to a Young Lady (1920); Lydia M. Child, Looking Toward Sunset (1865); John O. Choules, Cruise of the Steam Yacht North Star (1854); Samuel S. Cox, A Buckeye Abroad (1854); S. Kip Farrington, Jr., Atlantic Game Fishing (1937); F. Scott Fitzgerald, All the Sad Young Men (1926); Harry W. French, Through Arctic and Tropics (1892); John Galsworthy, A Modern Comedy (1929); Seth Green, Trout Culture (1870); W. K. Gregory & H. C. Raven, In Quest of Gorillas (1937); David T. Hanbury, Sport and Travel in the Northland of Canada (1904); Bret Harte, The Heathen Chinee (1871); William Hemstreet, The Economical European Tourist (1875); W. J. Holland, The Moth Book (1903); Mrs. Leonidas Hubbard, Jr., A Woman’s Way Through Unknown Labrador (1908); Diamond Jenness, The People of the Twilight (1928); Joyce Kilmer, Trees and Other Poems (1914); H. Lachambre & A. Machuron, Andrée’s Balloon Expedition in Search of the North Pole (1898); Dana S. Lamb, On Trout Streams and Salmon Rivers (1996); Vachel Lindsay, “The Kind of Visit I Like to Make” (ca. 1920), broadside; A. T. Mahan, The Problem of Asia (1900); Clement C. Moore, The Christmas Grab-Bag (1930); Harold Murdoch, Earl Percy Dines Abroad: A Boswellian Episode (1924); Nicholas Murray, Men and Things as I Saw Them in Europe (1853); James Pycroft, The Cricket Field: Or, the History and Science of Cricket (1859); Louis Rhead, ed., The Speckled Brook Trout (1902); Romain Rolland, Mahatma Gandhi (1924); Kermit Roosevelt, The Happy Hunting-Grounds (1920); Felix Salten, Bambi: A Life in the Woods (1928); Charles Simpson, A Yankee’s Adventures in South Africa (1897); Viljhalmur Stefansson, The Friendly Arctic (1922); John L. Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan (1841), 2 vols.; Robert L. Stevenson, The Essay on Walt Whitman (1900), Roycroft Shop; The Book of Old Sundials & Their Mottoes (1914); George M. Sutton, Eskimo Year (1934); David C. Thomson, The Life and Works of Thomas Bewick (1882), limited large-paper edition; William T. Tilden, Lawn Tennis for Match Players (1922); J. W. Tyrrell, Across the Sub-Arctics of Canada (1897); Robert B. Vale, Wings, Fur & Shot (1936); D. M. Warren, A System of Physical Geography (1863); Caspar Whitney, The Flowing Road: Adventures in the Great Rivers of South America (1912); G. E. & F. W. Woodward, Woodward’s Country Homes (1865); James E. Worcester, Worcester’s Ancient Classical and Scripture Atlas (1840). 

VermontianaAbenaqui Springs, Near Bellows Falls (1850); Albany & Rutland Railroad and Its Connections (ca. 1860); George G. Benedict, Vermont in the Civil War (1886-88), 2 vols.; Bethel Granite Co. stock certificates (ca. 1905); group lots of Vermont ephemera; 19th-century Vermont railroad bonds; Henry Burnham, Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont (1880); Daniel Chipman, The Life of Hon. Nathaniel Chipman, Ll.D. (1846); Vermont broadside governors’ proclamations, 1870s-1920s; Marcus A. McCorison, Vermont Imprints 1778-1820 (1963); Rowland E. Robinson, Centennial Edition of complete works (1933-37), 7 vols.; William Slade, Jr., Vermont State Papers (1823); Daniel P. Thompson, History of the Town of Montpelier (1860); Zadock Thompson, History of Vermont (1842); E. P. Walton, ed., Records . . . Governor and Council (1873-80), 8 vols.; H. S. Wardner, The Birthplace of Vermont (1927); Hamilton Child, Gazetteer . . . Windsor County (1884).

This is only a partial listing, we have several more sources to be processed prior to the auction. The printed catalogue should be available in a couple months. To be sure you are notified of the final details send us an email or note to be placed on our mailing list.  william@parkinsonbooks.com