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Highlights of Coming October 23, 2010 Auction
To be held in the Willow Room, at the Holiday Inn in South Burlington, Vermont.

This list is a sampling of some of the items we expect to have in the 2010 fall auction.  
We will be adding many more soon.

The items in color are clickable for a photo.
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Andrew Adams, History of Fair Haven, Vt., 1870

Lewis Aldrich, History Windsor County, 1891

Ethan Allen, A Narrative of his Captivity, 1838

Ethan Allen, A Narrative if his Captivity, 1846

Ethan Allen, Reason the only Oracle of Man, 1854

Joseph Auld, Picturesque Burlington

T D Bassett, Vt A Biblio of its History

Hosea Beckley, History of Vermont, 1846

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Addison County, 1871

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Bennington County, 1869

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Caledonia County, 1875

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Chittenden County, 1869

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, 1871

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, 1868

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Orange County, 1877

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Rutland County, 1869

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Washington County, 1873

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Windham County, 1869

F. W. Beers, Atlas of Windsor County, 1869

George G Benedict, Vt in the Civil War 2 vol set

Blackstone, Commentaries Laws of England , Dublin, 1763, 1766, 1775

Brannan, Official Letters Military and Naval Officers US war of 1812, 1823

Broadside-D.L. Kent Marble Monuments

Broadside Exhibition of the Cuban War

Broadside Gov. Proclamation MA. 1884

Broadside-Jesse Welden 10 cent Cigar

H .W. Burgett, Atlas of Vermont, 1876

Cabot, Annals of Brattleboro 2 vol set

Cannon, LeGrand B. Personal Reminiscences of the Rebellion, 1895

Chase, Gathered Sketches, 1856

Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Caledonia and Essex Counties

Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Lamoille and Orleans Counties

Hamilton Child, Gazetteer Rutland County, 1881

Daniel Chipman, Life of Col Seth Warner

JH Colton, Physical and Political Map of Europe 1846

Daniel Chipman, Memoir of Thomas Chittenden, 1849

Dodge, History of Norwich University 3 vol set

Hosea Doton, Wall Map of Windsor County, 1855

S. M. Dufur, Over the Dead Line, 1902

Timothy Dwight, Travels in NE and NY 1821 4 vol set

Ensigns and Thayer, Map of New England 1848

Benjamin Franklin, Works of … Fair Haven, 1798

Marcus D Gilman, Bibliography of Vermont, 1897

John Goodrich, Vermont Rolls Revolutionary war, 1904

J. K. Graffagnino, Vermont in Victorian Age

John A. Graham, Sketch of Present State of Vermont 1797

Benjamin Hall, History eastern Vermont, 1865

Hiland Hall, History of Vermont, 1868 with map

John Hayward, A gazetteer of Vt, 1849

Holy Bible 1879

Nathan Hoskins, A History of Vermont, 1831

Indian Narratives, 1854

William H. Jeffrey, Richmond Prisons, 1893

William H. Jeffrey, Successful Vermonters Caledonia Essex Orleans,  1904

A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs Johnson 1814, 1907 ed

Robert Jones, Central Vermont Railroad 7 vol set

Evelyn Lovejoy, History of Royalton, 1911

Augustus Mitchell, A New Universal Atlas 1849

Marcus McCorrison, Vermont Imprints

Oliver Oldschool Esq., The Port Folio 1803

J.A. Paine, A Chronological Chart 1871, 22 feet long

Palmer, History of Lake Champlain, 1866

Theodore Peck, Revised Roster Vermont Civil war, 1892

Ransom Guards, St Albans, By-laws, 1872

Rowland Robinson, Centennial edition 7 vol set 1934-37

Rowland Robinson, Forest & Stream Fables,  1886

John Spargo, Anthony Haswell; Printer, 1925

Statutes of Vermont 1787

Ralph Sturtevant, 13th Reg Vt Volunteers, 1910

Esther Swift, Vermont Place Names

Zadock Thompson, History of Vermont, 1832

Thompson, A Trip to London

Royall Tyler, An Oration Bennington Geo Washington 1800

Vermont Governor and Council 7 vol set 1873-80

Vermont Historical Society Collections, vol 1 & 2 1870-71

Waite, Vermont in the great Rebellion, 1869

Wells, History of Newbury, Vt.

H White, A Tale of the Rebellion, 1873

James B Wilbur, Ira Allen, 2 vol set, 1928

Samuel Williams, History of Vermont 1794 with map


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