Fort Ethan Allen Museum

Officers Row


Officers Row, also known as Dalton Drive, faces the Parade Grounds and the view of the Green Mountains. It served as housing for officers and their families, with duplexes for most of the families, and single family houses for the post commander, chief surgeon and head veterinarian. Officers Row was also home to the Officers Club, an Administration Building and a unit for unmarried officers. Across the street were the Parade grounds and Bandstand where, Polo Games, Baseball and other events occurred.


In the 1960’s when the general Services Administration sold off the buildings at the Fort, Officers Row was given to the University of Vermont and used as faculty and student housing for just over 20 years.  Then the University sold it and it was converted into condominiums for residential housing.  The restoration was beautifully done and for the most part Officers Row looks very much as it did one hundred years ago. What was built to house two officers and their families is in several cases now housing for 5 families and a current look at the real estate listings show the values of these condominiums in the $184,000.00 area. This makes what cost between $15,000.00 and $17,000.00  to build in 1894, now valued at more like $920,000.00.


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