Fort Ethan Allen Museum

Water Tower


 One of the first structures built at the Fort was the stone Water Tower. Built at a cost of $19,065.55 in 1893. It stands approximately 80 feet high and was originally capped with a large ornate weather vane, later replaced with a searchlight.  The Tower is built of local Vermont stone and held 50,000 gallons of water. Wells were drilled on site and pumped by the Pohli Air lift system which sent compressed air down into the well to air lift water back up, enough to supply the needs of 8,500 men and 1,800 horses or 5,400 gallons an hour. 

The stone tower encases a huge steel water tank 62 feet tall. At it's base the tower is 21 feet in diameter. A spiral stairway of 105 steps between the tank and the stone walls takes you to the observation deck, which is 227 square feet in size. 



In the early 1960’s the Tower was deeded to the Town of Essex as a part of the water system, and although no longer used as an operating water tower the Town generously allows the Essex Community Historical Society to open the Tower to the public on special occasions. 

The view of the surrounding area is spectacular. From Mount Mansfield and Camels Hump in the east, to the Winooski Valley to the south and the Fort in the west it is a wonderful experience.

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