Fort Ethan Allen 
Underhill Firing Range 

U.S. Third Cavalry on maneuvers in 1939.

In 1926 the U.S. Government made the initial purchase of about 6,000 acres in the Underhill area. Vermont’s U S Senator Frank Lester Greene, whose son Captain Richard L Greene was stationed at Fort Ethan Allen with the 7th Field Artillery, worked hard to get the US  Government to make the purchase to provide the Army with a permanent place for artillery target training and maneuver grounds. 


18th Brigade at the range in 1928.

Previously the Army had rented land in the area to use but with farms and summer cottages intermixed in the area they needed a more permanent solution or risked having the artillery training moved possibly to Camp Devens in Massachusetts. 


33rd Field Artillery at Lee River Va1ley, Jericho, Vermont 1941.

Later another 6,500 acres was added. The Range includes land in Underhill, Jericho and west Bolton, about 15 miles east of Fort Ethan Allen.


18th Brigade 1928.

3rd Cavalry

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