Fort Ethan Allen Museum



The Fort has basically two architectural styles of stables. The earlier  Cavalry  stables on the  eastern end of Hageman and Troy Avenues were designed for 72 horses each.  The first four Cavalry stables were built in 1894. They have stone foundations, brick walls, slate roofs and brick or wood floors. The cost to built one of these 10,266 square foot buildings in 1894 was $10,611.48.


The wider Artillery stables on the  western end were designed for 120 horses each.   As with much of the rest of the fort they were upgraded with electricity in 1905.  An Artillery stable built in 1904 cost $15,875.00 to build.


Both styles of stable had second story hay storage. There are 7 of the Cavalry style stables and 5 remaining of the Artillery style stables, now all in private hands and used primarily for commercial purposes.  


Across the street on Troy Avenue was the Post Veterinary Hospital, built in 1908.
 For a short time after the Army left, this building was used by the Vermont State Police. The building is now the home of  Vermont Public Radio.

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